'Twas Beauty killed the Beast . . .

Fay Wray, one of the greatest screamers of all time, dead at 96.


I’d seen some of her other films, but none of them stick in my mind like King Kong.

I think she’s the last of the principals from that movie – maybe the last of any of the actors from King Kong. She outlasted Reichert, Cabot, and Armstrong by decades. The last appearance of hers I saw was at the Academy Awards a few years back. She seemed very “out of it”, but still healthy.

She will live forever, not only in King Kong but in The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Great thread title. I wanted here to make it to 100 – funnny how at 72ish she knew enough to pass on 1979’s Kong – wonder if she would have favored/done the one coming from Jackson

After being drug from it by a large, hairy hand.

Quick question to those that would know-

Was she the last living WAMPAS “baby”?

No, Anita Page is still alive. Maybe some others, too.

Gloria Stuart.


The word is ‘dragged’.


Can’t ANY celebrity pass on without somebody using the D word?

Deceased? Dearly Departed? Dinner-for-worms?


I understand PETA is planning to picket her funeral for the poor portrayal of King Kong.

And she died before she ever had the chance to tell me what a WAMPAS is. Could anyone else help with this?

And tonight the Empire State Building will dim its lights in honor of her passing.

Here you go.

Wow, that is exceptionally cool. Any NY Dopers witness this?

A sad passing but she’ll be remembered as being one of the great screamers in cinema history (though her contribution to Kong is more than that). :sigh: Now I’m definitely going to have to go see this film before it disappears from the theaters.

It’s definitely cool, and I couldn’t think of a better way to honor her. Does anyone know what time the lights will dim? I’m close enough to see it, but I’d have to find a high point. :slight_smile:

I wish I had more info on the lights dimming. My local morning news mentioned it but didn’t give any details. If I see anything else though, I’ll let you know.


USA Today article about it, but no times, other than it will be for 15 minutes.