Twickster you gave Quasi a warning?

Next time use your brain and lay off the hair trigger.

No, tacoloco, she was completely in the right, and I was being an ass.:frowning:

Twicks and I don’t always agree, but I like and respect her for what she does.

As she wrote, she gave me a “soft” warning, but I kept it up, so I deserved what I got.



She asked him nicely to quit posting in German, he continued. She issued a warning consistent with board practice. He accepted the warning, and apologized for his conduct.

Not seeing the outrage.


And Oakminster, “consistent” isn’t something moderators around here are known for.

Quasi isn’t exempt from the rules of the SDMB. He was posting in German, which is against the rules. I started by reminding him of the rule, then told him directly, not once but twice, to stop. The second time time I told him to stop, I also told him he was in danger of getting a warning. He responded to each of my three posts in German, so, as I’d told him I would, I gave him a warning for failing to obey a moderator’s instructions.

He and I are both good with this.

RO all the way…how typical.

Yup, we are.

In retrospect, I * think *what might have thrown me off the path was my Bier Krieg thread. German songs from YouTube are okay, but posting in German (or any foreign language) isn’t and plus I was being an asshole.

I now have a reminder posted on top of my screen NO POSTING IN GERMAN!. :wink:

All is good.


What does “RO” mean, Xploder?



It bugged me and I said something.

And I appreciate it, tacoloco, but if I’m willing to “take my lumps”, shouldn’t everybody be okay with that?

I was much worse as little as 3 years ago. Seemed I was always spoiling for a fight, and that’s not even mentioning the “meltdowns” from last year! :wink:

That doesn’t mean I don’t/didn’t love this place, I was being argumentative just because! I still am sometimes - just not as frequently.

MY big problem is all of a sudden I’m either in GD (God I HATE that place - sorry!) or The Pit (not as bad- but still I shouldn’t go there). I think where I get myself in trouble is in the NEW POSTS section! :slight_smile: I see something “interesting” and the next thing I know, I’m where I don’t need to be!

IMO, I think we’ve fixed the problem and I’d like to move on. I love this place too much to cause problems and I was a problem Saturday night.
Thank you


RO=Recreational Outrage.

I was thinking it was a combination of your health problems, your financial situation, and then to top it all off, severe homesickness at not being able to go home for the holidays. Holidays can be a very hard time. I think the homesickness just got the better of you. :frowning:

Let’s just call the whole thing off.

This thread could have been about Quasimodal too.

Could be a combination of all those things, you’re right Johnny, but I still should have “listened” to the warnings I got. My family over there calls me almost weekly, and it IS tough listening to them and responding in German.


Sounds like plan to me, Lib!:slight_smile:


My “Q-bro” got in hot water too?:eek:

I knew I knew I hadn’t seen him lately!