Bier Krieg!

Sorry, y’all!

Ich habe Heimweh!

Quasi der Modem:)

Now, how did I know – without looking at the originator – that you were the OP? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry you’re homesick. :frowning:

Ich weiss, Johann, Ich weiss.

Aber es geht.

Denn Ich habe SUPER FREUNDE, hier auf DER DOPE! :slight_smile:


Quasi, in English, please.


twicks, MPSIMS moderator

He said:



I’ve got just enough German to know that.

It is, however, against the rules of the SDMB to post in languages other than English, which I’ve gone through with the two of you before.

Please observe the rules.



Du bist mir sehr lieber, Mensch!


Quasi – I’m going to take your dementia into account and not give you a warning for ignoring a moderator’s instructions.

I will, however, if you don’t cut it the fuck out.

twickster, MPSIMS moderator

I seem to have been skillfully taken apart. Entschuldigungen, bitte. BITTE

Okay, Ich cutte es der FICK aus.

Aber Du bist mir immer noch mein favorit Moderator (chen)!



Liebling! :wink:


Hey, Quasi?

You know how you told us to tell you when you post something out oughtn’t? I think this might be one of those times. :wink:

I know you’re only joking, and that you’re not intending to do any harm; but I don’t think she has a sense of humour about this and I’d hate to see you get in trouble.

Johnny is correct, I don’t have a sense of humor about this.

Quasi, I have issued you a warning for failure to follow a moderator’s instructions.

I’m willing to cut you a little slack, but you are not exempt from the rules of the SDMB.

Do not post in German here.

For those who are following along wondering what the big deal is, the rule is here. This is a rule I have reminded Quasi of previously. I don’t want to have to remind him of this rule again in the future.

twickster, MPSIMS moderator

Since it is too long for a rock band name, can I use it as a sig line without getting in trouble ?

Originally posted by Quasimodem:
“Aber Du bist mir immer noch mein favorit Moderator (chen)!”

I understand everything but the “(chen)”. any help ?


-chen (and -lein) is a diminutive suffix. See it as a token of affection.

Apology and suspension offered here:

I assume you’re joking – but hope you’re clear that I don’t think this is funny. No, the “post in English” rule extends to signatures.

It’s not really grammatically correct, anyway. “You’re still my favorite moderator (-ling)” would be better rendered “Du bist immer noch mein Lieblingsmoderator (-chen).”

(Surely that doesn’t violate any rules, yes?)

How about Early Modern English, or Middle English, or Old English, or Old Frisian? Or is only Modern English permitted?