Twilight Zone episode question (possible spoilers)

I was watching part of the Twilight Zone marathon on the SciFi channel New Year’s Day, and right in the middle of an episode I’d never seen, my sister-in-law arrived early for dinner.

It was “A Stop at Willoughby”, and I suspect I know how it ended, but would anyone be able to confirm it for me?

I’d love a link to a site where I could read the ending, or if someone here could just tell me that would be great too.


Willoughby is the name of a funeral home.

As we discover

After the man jumps off the train at the “Willoughby” stop

I love that episode. On my way to work today I was hoping the conductor would start sating, “Next stop, Willoughby—all out for Willoughby!”

Ah ha!
Not exactly what I had suspected at all.


Weird that you missed the ending to this one. I had to endure at least a decade of seeing the first half of that episode over and over again, never to see the end.

See, when I was very young (early 80s), we lived in a house with cable. We moved to a different state, more rural, didn’t get cable, but we had all these video tapes of different things that were aired on some of the cable stations. We had a tape full of Twilight Zone eps. A lot of really good ones. But the last one on the tape was the Willoughby one. The tape ran out about halfway through the episode, and I never did get to see the ending. Later, we moved again and got cable, and I watched TZ on the SciFi channel and finally saw the ending. It wasn’t worth the 10 year wait :slight_smile: .

My family took a vacation at Virginia Beach each year when I was growing up. To get there you have to pass Willoughby Spit. Without fail, my mother would say “Nest stop, Willoughby - all out for Willoughby.” I still do it, even if I’m alone in the car, whenever I drive by the sign on the interstate.