It's New Years - Twilight Zone Marathon

Over on SyFy - from the morning of the 31’s through the end of the 1st.

Schadenfreude and irony galore!

I won’t be able to watch, but am DVRing some choice episodes. Should be fun - let’s have some running commentary.


I’ve got a few lined up on Tivo, but I really don’t need to see most of them again for another 10-20 years.

My absolute favorite part of New Year’s! I’d stay home and watch it tonight if the boyfriend didn’t despise it (yeah, I may have to dump him :wink: )

I tend to like the creepier ones as opposed to the whimsical and if Jack Klugman or Bergis Meredith (both actors whom I ordinarily like) is in it I tend to skip it.

I don’t know that I could even say which is my favorite episode. Maybe the one where the woman is in the department store shopping for a thimble (if you’ve seen it you know exactly the one I mean. I don’t want to spoil it in case anyone hasn’t seen it). I also like the one where the greedy family is at the patriarch’s deathbed on Mardi Gras. Damn, I wish we got the Syfy channel here at work (why yes, I *do *have a tv on my desk).

There seem to be a lot of Jack Warden episodes this morning.

This has been going on for years. I remember first seeing it on New Years 99-00 when I was in bed with the flu. Some great old classics that I appreciate more when I see them again.

The Obsolete Man has one hell of a message.


“Room for one more, honey”


“No change!” (drops scalpel)

<bolding mine>
Oh, heck yeah!I was going to mention this one in my previous post, quoting just that line the way you did (I also get your other quote). I’ve
been watching the series for as long as I can remember but didn’t actually see this one until I was about 18 and it freaked me right out (of course it helped that I was under the herbal influence).

Two other good ones:

“Get out of here, Finchley”

“I’m not her mother, I am her daughter”

After watching the episode, that quote gave me chills.

I thought I had seen them all, but don’t remember the “Get Out of Here, Finchley” quote. Is that episode on in the next couple of days? I will DVR it.

What’s the one where a woman keeps seeing her exact double in a bus terminal? And her boyfriend thinks she is batshit crazy?

I’ll have to confess that I’ve seen them all so many times (mostly in previous years’ marathons) that I really don’t get excited about it. If there is an episode I haven’t seen for a while, maybe, but otherwise - meh.

Some of us are old enough to have seen them in their original run. It was the one show I never missed; this was pre-reruns and we had no idea they’d ever be shown again.

I’m watching “Kick The Can” now, wasn’t this remade into an Amazing Story or something? Looks very familiar so far…

It was a segment in Twilight Zone, The Movie…

I can’t recollect the title…there’s an hour long episode about an extremely talkative dude who makes a bet that he can stay silent. It was quite suspenseful.

The Silence.

Thanks :slight_smile:

There are episodes I really want to see again; but either they’re not in the rotation, or else I manage to miss them every year:

King 9 Will Not Return
The 7th Is Made Up Of Phantoms
I Am The Night — Color Me Black

the 7th is definitely on this year. I saw it when I was DVR’ing my favorites.

I’m too busy watching the Corner Gas marathon on the Comedy Network.

The 7th is on Youtube.

This was good but I thought it was more Alfred Hitchcock than Twilight Zone as nothing happened in that episode that couldn’t happen in real life.

My personal favorite is the one where “Rosco P. Coltrane” comes back from the dead and freaks all the towns people out.


I’ll point out that WGN has a Barney Miller marathon going.