Twilight Zone Marathon on Syfy

It goes until 7a on Wed. Enjoy!

Hooray! The schedule is here.

My favorite episode, Steel, will be showing at 2. I’ll have to stay awake.

Yay! Dr. Who is getting a bit too much. Of course I’ve been watching for 2 days.

Some of the shows were filmed, some were taped. They’re not showing them in order, but the series premier was filmed but Twenty-two, from season two, was taped.

Video-taped episodes happened during one season only–it was an experiment (to save money) and they decided it hadn’t worked out. Six episodes only.

A “Christmas” episode, The Night of the Meek, with Art Carney, might be one of the better-known ones.

It’s a good thing!! A real good thing!!

And on the Decades network.

Just watched 22 a little bit ago. They stole the plot from, among other places, a segment of the movie Dead of Night (1945).

On now. I like it as well.

I think it is funny that in the TZ universe, no matter what planet we are on or how far in the future we go, the advanced technological era still has ashtrays everywhere and women subservient to men and everyone dressed like it is the 1960s.

Is there a name for this phenomenon? Something along the lines that we make a bold prediction about something that seems far fetched but the underlying things about our society stay the same.

Holy crap, I saw one with Buster Keaton!!

TV Tropes calls it Society Marches On.