Twilight Zone-Like Program where a man was turned into an alien?

I can’t think of the name of that other series like the TwilightZone which is science fiction, but last night there was an episode where they found some remains of an alien and they thought this man had killed ten people so they decided to inject him with the dna of the alien and see what would happen as an experiment so that mankind could be ready to deal with any possible aliens that might come aboard the planet in the future. So this lady doctor injected him even though he said he didn’t kill the ten people. He was always reading the Bible, so I thought the episode should have been on the PAX tv channel, but later on we don’t hear anything much about religion. He writhes around for most of the show and then turns into this lizard-like alien who looks like a man in a lizard costume wearing a human mask. He winds up escaping the compound but they wanted him to escape so they could see how good they would be at hunting down a escaped alien in the future if they ever caught an alien in the future that escaped. They give the order to shoot him when they find him and then he lets out a noise and they all fall down. Then other such beings appear out of nowhere and the ladydoctor realizes that it wasn’t humans testing the aliens but the other way around. The aliens then all leave. What my question is is it wasn’t clear whether the man who killed the ten people actually killed the ten people or not, nor was it clear whether he was always a disguised alien all along in the first place. If he was actually a man that the aliens allowed the humans to turn into an alien, then the aliens were as bad as the humans by putting him through all this, and if the man that the humans turned into an alien was an alien in the first place, then the aliens were as bad as the humans for putting one of their own through all this. what is one to think?

This was an “Outer Limits” (1990s incarnation) episode. Don’t recall the title, though.

The episode title is “The Architects of Fear,” with Robert Culp.

Are you sure about that? I thought “The Architects of Fear” was about a government agency that transforms a man into a mutant so the world would think he was an alien and all the countries could unite against a made-up invasion. I don’t remember the twist being the one described in the OP.

PS, Sorry to nit-pick :frowning:

I think it’s actually “Afterlife” from the 1990s version (sifted through an episode guide).

My first thought, from the title alone, was definitely The Architects of Fear. However, reading the thread, the summary doesn’t match that.

Dunno the title, but it was indeed an Outer Limits episode, with Clancy Brown as the alien. Good, good ep. Lemme see if I can dig it up on IMDB…

Here you go…

The Outer Limits (episode # 2.15) “Afterlife,” 19 May 1996. Brown’s character was Sgt. Linden Styles.

He was human, and from what I remember he was innocent but being framed by the head military guy so they had a guinea pig (he was going to be put to death anyway, and they gave him the option of participating in the experiment to “redeem” himself). The actual aliens, who had been watching the entire thing, made the noise you refer to just as the military is about to shoot Styles; they didn’t appear from nowhere, but came out of Predator-esque invisibility to give the final speech about man being evil. Styles was brought back with the aliens because he was the only moral character (the lady doc had betrayed him and led him into the military trap by promising a “cure” for the transformation).

Sounds kinda like a remake (with a twist) on “Architects of Fear” from the original Outer Limits episodes.

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