Twilight Zone

So I was scrolling around trying to find something to watch when I stumbled across Twilight Zone. Specifically “Sounds and Silences” episode. I thought I’d seen every episode at least 5 or 6 times. To my delight I had never seen this episode. And bonus (!) it starred John Houseman. Err, wait, that’s not JH - sure does sound like him. Googling, it’s John McGiver. Hmm.

Another strange thing, it was directed by Richard Donner. I did not know he directed Twilight Zone episodes.

After reading the synopsis, I don’t believe I’ve seen this one either, and like you, I felt like I’d seen every episode many times. I love when that happens! Wiki tells us that it didn’t air until 1984, due to litigation issues, so that would explain us not having seen it.
Anyway, it sounds like a good one.

I’ve seen it many times. Not one of my favorite episodes, but not the worst either. McGiver is excellent in his role.

If it’s the one I am thinking of it is one of the few (only?) episodes with no Supernatural or Sci Fi aspects.

Yep, no supernatural elements in that episode.

The opening narration: "This is Roswell G. Flemington, two hundred and twenty pounds of gristle, lung tissue and sound decibels. He is, as you have perceived, a noisy man, one of a breed who substitutes volume for substance, sound for significance, and shouting to cover up the readily apparent phenomenon that he is nothing more than an overweight and aging perennial Sea Scout whose noise-making is in inverse ratio to his competence and to his character. But soon our would-be admiral of the fleet will embark on another voyage. This one is an unchartered and twisting stream that heads for a distant port called the Twilight Zone. "