Twin Boys call their father "Dad." What to do? Kill! (RO)

Here’s the story. The short version is that the scum I’m Pitting was upset that his fiancee’s twin sons were calling their father, yanno, the man who helped conceive them, “Dad.” Why? Because for the past nine months, he’d been raising the two boys as his own.

So, what’s his reaction? The scum sucker apparently began by forbidding the boys to have anything to do with their father. Then threatened the father with a baseball bat.

I’m not sure, based on this report, if the victim was trying to hit the asshole idiot as he sped off, or not, when he broke the van’s windshield. Certainly there’s room to argue that both adults in this situation were going about things in fucked up manners.

That doesn’t change that even accidentally killing someone because you’re upset that his sons were calling him “Dad” is beyond fucked up. Here’s a newsflash, Mr. Connolly: In the eyes of the law, as well as in the eyes of the boys themselves, the man who they believe to be their father will always be their father. That can be changed as a legal matter if you choose to adopt them, but you can’t simply decree with playground bullying that the relationship is dead just because you’ve been fucking mommy for the past 7 months.

What a fucking tool. Though I’ll lay long odds, that come the trial the boy’s father will be accused of pedophilia, beastiality and halitosis, all to explain it was a justified killing. But based on the comments the killer made, there’s not much reason to believe that was what motivated him.

I was expecting the story to be worse. Strangely, I’m kind of relieved that it was the father who got killed and not the kids.

Stiill, killing is wrong, very wrong.

Dio, I see your point. I didn’t even think of that interpretation. Oops

I thought somehow the kids killed the dad. I am even further off.

I actually interpreted it as a commandment from OtakuLoki to go commit homicide.

Er. Okay, so the thread title sucks. Does this sound better? If so, I’ll contact a Mod and beg for a title change.

Step-father objects to his fiance’s sons calling their father dad so kills dad (RO)

OtakuLoki, you is cute. :slight_smile:

Last night, there was a quick blurb on TV from the news desk. The upcoming story: “Zookeeper’s death caused by human error, she says.”

I sat there thinking, “They got a dead woman to talk about her demise? That blows Barbara Walter’s phone interview of Pais Hilton out the water!”

That will be one more punch on my “Free Trip to Hell” card. Hope it makes you feel better. :smiley:

See, I think it is objectionable to address a parent as “dad so kills dad.”

I feel that the punctuation is sub-optimal.
Not that gerunds have anything to do with anything at all - I just like throwing the word into conversations about grammar.

Well…I guess those boys won’t be calling him Dad now. They’ll probably call him “the jerk who killed our Dad.”
Poor boys. Poor dad (the dead one)–this is getting confusing.

Yeah, good way to make your potential step-kids call you dad - run over their real dad! In front of them!

This is the pit, you should say ‘fucking gerund’.

I’m dying (sorry about that) to see how the defense attorney’s going to work the “attacked the vehicle with a bat” into the case.

Not to be a contradictory dick, but I do think the most of the blame is for the biological father.
If I understand correctly he attacked the vehicle with a baseballbat.
If the vehicle was moving that must mean he jumped in front of it.
Plus I can understand trying to get away from a guy coming at you with a frikking baseballbat.

Not that it makes much of a difference to the kids…

I think you’re missing where Connolly made the first threats with the baseball bat, after Connolly told the boys not to see their father again.

In that case they were both dicks and both had it coming.
It is a shame for those boys though.
To have to see something like that happen to your father.

Your haiku needs a little work.

Please forgive this slight intrusion, but my curiosity has got the better of me.
What is “RO”?

Oh, yeah, this is the Pit. WTF is “RO”?

Recreational Outrage.