Twisted bowel

I have been sick for the past couple of months. Couple of hospital stays. I ended up with a perforated ulcer. But I am like 100% certain I have a twisted bowel. I can feel the twisting, constant unrelenting mild pain. Stools can barely pass and are the size of chocolate drops, constant nausea, bloating etc. For some reason my Dr. just doesn’t want to even entertain this possibility. I can actually feel the spasms. This has been serious now for over a month.

The other thing I found strange, I was looking up causes and symptoms treatment etc. Nothing mentions stress as a possible cause. I have dealt with this on a less serious basis for many years and in each case could always trace it back to stress. Does the medical profession for some reason not like to include psychological issues?

Have you gotten a second or even a third opinion? This doctor is not solving your problem; that’s obvious after two months.

Also, has he tried steroids? They can address that situation in many cases.

Are you willing to really do what it takes to permanently have a much lower stress level? To get your stress from a 9 down to a 3 and keep it there? If not, then what would be the point of medical treatment?

Something I have fought most of my life and usually am able to stay on top of it. If you have any suggestions I am open.

I gotta admit, buddy, your recent threads have made me reevaluate my minor problems and make me think I don’t have it so bad after all.

Hey, you still got your '88 Ford? I got to drive mine last week. Great truck.

I’ll be in Torrance next month. I’ll give you a “Shout-Out” as I drive through.

I just sold the truck, I let it go cheap and took a beating on it. I have this compulsion to fix everything whether I need it or not. I think I lost about 3 grand on it LOL. I should stick to reconditioning old power tools I can’t loose that much money.

I started an experiment yesterday, one of my Dr’s was telling me that serotonin was more abundant in the intestines than the brain. Yesterday I decided to see if I could do something to boost my serotonin levels because I am certain they are very low right now. I started eating a little chocolate every couple of hours. I had also complained that my sex drive had disappeared recently. My stomach twisting started easing up about 1/2 way through the day and I got a good nights sleep last night. This morning I had a semi normal bowel movement for the first time in months and to my surprise woke up with a woody which hasn’t happened in a few months either. I plan to study up on ways to stimulate serotonin and take that route as long as it seems to be helping.

IDK, sounds like you’re on to something. Chocolate makes exceedingly happy. But…watch those calories. ( oops! didn’t mean to harsh on your chocolate love)

The twist is almost completely gone finally, I also started eating some turkey with tryptophan they say that also boosts serotonin. Almost feeling normal for the first time in months.

Are you sure that you haven’t become lactose intolerant? it’s easy to check. cut out all dairy and see if the symptoms go away.

I have been drinking lactose free milk for years. I am lactose intolerant. I seem to tolerate a small serving of ice cream without much problem but haven’t been eating that lately anyway.

Are you eating lactose free chocolate?

Turkey and chocolate you say…

Aftewr two months of a twisted bowel I am feeling pretty normal finally. I can’t say for sure it was the diet change. I worked really hard at relaxing my stomach whenever bad thoughts started pouring in. I refused to entertain them. The first day I must have had to meditate more than a dozen times. Today it was just a couple and I shook it off very quickly.

Stress can make your body do crazy thing. Seems like you may have found a way to alleviate your symptoms. I hope it stays that way.

I’m sorry, but when exactly was it confirmed you had a “twisted bowel?”

Colonoscopy much?

Twisted bowls are biZzarre! :p:p

Ever try probiotics? My system has always been uppity but the probiotics sure helped. Cant afford them every month. Wish I could

Cat scan and Colonoscopy next week. I can feel the twisting and spasms, constant pain same place. Stools the size of pencils or smaller. Constant nausea, no appetite. All real classic symptoms. Actually a bit better right now but still very bothersome. It went on for almost 2 months straight.

I’m guessing that the problem isn’t that it’s literally twisted but instead diverticulitis or IBS. The bowel literally being twisted can kill you in mere hours.

I frequently say my stomach is in knots. I don’t literally mean tied in a knot. Just upset or nervous, or something. That what I took the OP to mean.