First time user so please be kind. I have been trying to comment to a question about twitching before sleeping and I can not seem to get to the right spot. I will put my comment here and perhaps someone will be able to direct me to the right place. I have read that twitching is also associated with astral travelling. In a book I read it explained that as enter into sleep the soul leaves the body. If you are not properly asleep before the soul leaves it will jump back in untill you really are asleep. Believe it or not


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Why do we twitch while falling asleep?

Why does my body jerk when I’m falling asleep?

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I believe you read a book that says that. The validity of that claim I’ll take a pass on.

Hello Irishman. I am not sure of the reason for twitching either but after reading the whole book it became within the realms of possibility. I have a open mind to most things. As I have said I am new here and am having a bit of trouble working my way around this site so if you post a reply please be patient as it may take me a little time to read any further reply you may have. Ok?