Twitter bans MyPillow corporate account after Mike Lindell uses it to circumvent personal Twitter ban

So it’s Joe Biden’s maiden name?

You continue to do a great job impersonating the former guy. The “sir” stuff is easy, but “in terms of medical” is brilliant.

Deplatformed and now debanked:

My guess is that his shenanigans threatened to get the bank mixed up in one of Trumpworld’s many scams and money laundering operations.


This may encourage “deplorables,” a tongue-in-cheek nickname for conservatives who support President Trump, to call the financial institution and demand they reinstate their business dealings with Mike Lindell and his Recovery Network.

Deplorables: ‘We demand you reinstate Saint Mike!’

Bank: ‘Or, what? [click]’


I googled Mike Lindell Debanked to learn more. EVERY site in the first page of cites, judging by the site name or the thumbnail preview, is from a right-wing-sounding source. The tweet from Ron Filipkowski, above, appears to be sourced from one of those. Is this a real story? Is anyone other than right-wing sites carrying this? Tomorrow maybe?

Furthermore, at first glance, all those right-wing sites carrying the story seem to be source from Lindell himself saying on The War Room that happened.

ETA: Okay, I’ll look on Raw Story now. They always seem to be quick to pick up on stories like this . . .

ETA some more: Nope, nothing there yet.

Hmmm… Stir sh*t towards the bank, make them have to put out a statement saying “there’s no truth to this”, then turn around and say “We MADE them back off”?

Daily Kos?

I laughed until I cried:

celebrated corn husk doll impersonator Steve Bannon:

That article seems to cite only two sources: Lindell himself, and the Filipkowski tweet, which in turn cites Lindell’s rant on The War Room.

I would really like this to be true (and maybe it is), but there’s gotta be some source other than Lindell and right-wing rags.

I could be that Lindell’s bank had a quiet word in his ear, and he blew it up into a massive conspiracy theory because… well because Mike is not mentally well.

Or it might be completely fabricated by the squirrels that are currently residing in Mike’s cerebellum.

Here is something Lindell said in/on Bannon’s War Room:

“We’re at a great point. We’re in the best spot we’ve been in since Nov. 4. Every day gets better and better. We’re winning, winning, winning.”

Now what other addled self-medicating nutball does that remind me of? Give me a minute, it’ll come to me…

But if Mike Lindell made it up, would he claim they blamed “reputational damage” as the reason?

That seems off to me, which I realize is a total crazy thing to say.

It’s ok - we’re all in MikeLindellWorld - all good.

One wonders whether, more reasonably, the bank considered there to be a high level of risk of money laundering or other criminal activity with these accounts. Banks usually don’t “debank” someone for reputational risk because, well, money’s money. It’s actual or potential legal or financial liability that tends to make them uneasy.

I suppose if they were suddenly losing a lot of other customers it might have an impact, but we would likely have heard something about that.

That’s what I figure – they didn’t want to get sucked into the vortex of scams and money laundering that swirls around Cheato and his inner circle.
Alternatively, they may have closed his lines of credit because they don’t think he’ll be able to pay off his loans, and he blew that up into being “debanked”.

My favorite bit was:

Hey, even I don’t want Frank Speech canceled. Why would I? It’s the most fun I’ve had since being forced to remove the nitrous oxide bouncy castle from my backyard after just two days and maybe half a dozen scurrilous complaints from annoyingly effete helicopter parents.

This was my thought. They chose to no longer extend him credit, and he chose to blame everything but his own fiscal incompetence for it.

Newsweek has the story now. Again, the only source I see there is Lindell himself. But they mention, Lindell played a recording of a phone conversation, purportedly with a bank official.

The article quotes from the phone call:

Something about that seems fishy. Why would a bank official say something like that (even if it’s exactly true)? It sounds more indiscreet than I would expect.


Another ETA: The article also mentions that Lindell displayed the names and phone numbers of various bank officials, telling his audience to call them and give them grief.

The MyPillow founder said that he told one bank, “You’re going to have to throw me out.”

“Your proposal is acceptable.”