Twitter bans MyPillow corporate account after Mike Lindell uses it to circumvent personal Twitter ban

Twitter has banned the account of the corporation MyPillow after founder Mike Lindell used it to circumvent an earlier personal ban from the social media platform. He used it to call out Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey for “canceling” him. Lindell’s personal Twitter account was banned last week. Lindell is a follower of former president Donald Trump and has continued to issue baseless claims that the election of Joe Biden was fraudulent.

And he’s so unhinged and angry about it, he causes a Newsmax anchor to leave his chair and walk off set. Yes, Newsmax. (He starts talking shit about Dominion, and the anchor goes into auto-disclaimer mode…)

It’s a good thing for him that MyPillow isn’t a public company, or the board would be having an uncomfortable conversation with Mr Lindell right about now.

And if it were public maybe we could persuade the Reddit crowd to blow up MyPillow’s stock next.

Not by using the same tactics they used for GameStop. That actually benefitted the company or at least potentially did. I’m not sure what the WallStreatBets people could do to hurt a company that’s not shorting stocks.

That’s the kind of stress that could drive a man to do drugs.

Hydrochloroquine, pepcid, and oleander extract!

Man, if you’re too unhinged for NewsMax, you have a problem.

I really don’t understand that MyPillow guy – is he in love with Trump or something? He’s destroying his own company in order to defend Trump who would throw him under a bus in a heartbeat. It’s like he’s a religious fanatic or something.

It’s a cult. That’s not a metaphor anymore, and hasn’t been for a long time.

I thought Beck Bennett overplayed Lindell on the last episode of SNL. Turns out, I was wrong.

Yeah, I guess that’s right. Trump is such a weird example of a cult of personality, in my view. I would have expected such a person to be more coherent and to lie better, and be better looking, too.

It’s so weird. Prior to all this, I never had much of an opinion about Mike Lindell. I thought his commercials were a little silly and annoying, but he didn’t seem any worse than any other TV pitchman. Maybe just a step up from the local used car salesmen and their commercials.

But now I can’t see anything but a raving lunatic. He’s destroyed whatever minor standing he had as a businessman, and all for Trump? Unbelievable.

A few months ago (before the election certainly, maybe during Summer 2020 or so), I heard a few MyPillow ads on UK radio stations. Lindell himself was speaking to the audience and without knowing anything about him, I thought I would never buy anything froma guy like that. So much hot air coming through the radio.

Right? In 2016, I started using “cult” as an analogy to help me make sense of Trump’s supporters. It’s not even remotely an analogy. Here’s an analogy: Trump:cult leader::Orange:fruit

Just this. He seemed to be the character Howard Sprague from Andy Griffith and Mayberry RFD trying to sell pillows. And I think he was disarming in that way, nobody saw him as an insane political conspiracy theorist. Unlike Trump, he seems to believe this nonsense, which is difficult to reconcile with his success in business. If there is a specific pathological cause to conspiracy theorizing then this guy has it.

The actual pillows suck, too! You “customize” them by removing the loose stuffing. My husband bought some a couple of years ago. I hate them. He still uses his, even after I bought some good quality alternative down pillows.

I think KneadToKnow was referring to this. :wink:

I think Trump really believes it was stolen from him. I don’t think it’s a con on his part.

He just can’t believe that he, Super-Don, actually lost and is a loser. In his narcissistic-sociopath brain, that’s like dividing by zero; just can’t happen.

I agree that he is thinking that, but he doesn’t really believe the vote was fraudulent, just that rules and the fake news all collaborated to get the vote to come out that way. I don’t think with the Trump there are ever any specifics, anything that isn’t logically consistent has some other explanation based on the deep state etc.

Lindell sounds like he truly believes this stuff happened, that Dominion rigged the machines, and all sorts of other nonsense. The big difference is that Trump sticks with anything that benefits him, that is at least understandable even if heinous at times, but Lindell gets no benefit from what he is doing, and stands to lose a lot.

But it’s a cult where the leader is (was) POTUS. Embracing the crazy doesn’t get you a special visit to the leader’s greenhouse sanctum on a remote 20-acre farm, it gets you an invite to the White House to advise the president on matters of grave national import.

Be crazy enough, loyal enough, and public enough and you’ll find yourself in the inner circle. Even if nobody is quite sure how you got there in the first place.

If you’re independently wealthy and already plenty comfortable with lies and lying liars because you are one yourself, why not jump on board? Sure, retailers are dropping his product now, but the backlash probably wouldn’t have peaked this high if the insurrection hadn’t forced their hands. And even if sales were down before that, now he gets to blame elite liberal cancel culture instead of the fact that he’s hawking a shitty product.

Mark Lindell would never have gotten an audience with a competent President - not even a competent tyrant. This was a singular opportunity to do something very, very, very few people will ever be in a position to do: advise the sitting President of the United States. It’s a real feather in the cap, if you measure your success by counting those sorts of feathers.