Twitter "Groups"

Can I set up a twitter account so that multiple people can post and anyone following the account will see all the posts?

For example, imagine that a school had a twitter account that parents could follow and teachers posted what was happening in their classrooms. Could you set up an account so that people following would see something like:

**MLK_High_Class1 **Thanks to all the parents that provided baby picture of theor children.

**MLK_High_Class2 **Fred the Turtle just laid some eggs!! I guess we have to change his/her name.

Nope. Twitter is super-simplified. You’d either need to create one account and give all the relevant posters the password for that account, or you could give everyone their own account and have them use a unique hashtag for everything school-related, and users could search for that hashtag.

So, the first option.

Why doesn’t each teacher create an account, and you post the names of the accounts in an internal memo (to students and parents), and any person that wants to follow any classroom would just request to follow the classrooms they wanted? If you wanted to post a feed on a web site of all the classrooms, just start an account that follows all of the teachers’ accounts and their feeds will go into that account’s feed.

Then, a parent who subscribed to classroom 1 and classroom 2’s feeds would get tweets from either. The account that follows all teachers would get tweets from every teacher.

That would be perfect the example I gave, but the real situation is a bit more complicated. I just realized that giving each person an account and having them “reply” to the main account would do what I need to do.

Sort of, Twitter just started a feature called “Lists” where you can add multiple accounts to a single list. You can’t add the list to your feed, but you can keep a bunch of lists in your side bar to bring them up easily.

This is basically the best thing to do.
Everyone creates a twitter account, then one person makes the list and puts everyone on said list, and if he makes the list public, others can use that list and add it to their lists, so they can view it.

Then while messages will show up on your twitter feed as normal, if you click on the list, it filters your twitter feed so that ONLY the people who are in said list’s messages show up. That way you can read all their messages and in order of who said what and such things.
I believe you can also go the private route and make the list private, and so everyone has to make their own list like this and that way no random person can come along and follow the list (as some people do make lists such as “celebrity lists” where it’s just a list of 100’s of celebrities and you can just follow them all easily by using the public list rather than tracking them all down).