Twitter noob questions

I opened a twitter account to follow the various dancing with the stars tweets.
I had a couple basic questions.
In my twitter home. I see the tweets from the various people I’m following. But, I discovered this morning that not all the tweets are being shown.
Happened to check Cheryl Burke’s page directly and she had a tweet that wasn’t showing on my home page.

I’m following Cheryl. Not @MCatherwood

But shouldn’t I still see this tweet in my home summary?

The whole point of creating this twitter account was to avoid having to manually visit every dancers twitter page individually. That gets old quick.

(2) Is there a way to sort the tweets on my home? All I see is timeline. Sometimes, It would be nice to have them sorted by person.

Twitter is weird. I often only see one side of the conversation. Like Cheryl Burke relying to a question that I don’t see.

If a tweet starts with an @ symbol, you will see that tweet only if you’re the “@” or if the “@” is also on your follow list. (So if my pals Kate and Mike are going back and forth, I’ll see it, but if Kate is talking directly to someone I don’t know, I won’t.)

You only see Cheryl responding to a question you didn’t see if you go to her page, it doesn’t come to you automatically. This is why to let the feed be the feed – it doesn’t give you stuff that won’t make sense because it’s not directed at you.

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Messages that start with @(someone’s name) are messages to that person (public ones, versus Direct Messages that are private). You won’t see those in your normal feed, but you will see them when you go directly to the feed of the person who you’re following.

Think of it in Facebook terms. You will see your friends, and their status messages, and their comments on your statuses, but you won’t see their comments on other people’s statuses unless you go to their wall.

I think I Got it thanks.

I guess I should have joined twitter years ago.