Twixter, a question about your mod note in the joke thread

Bullshit. Neither of my jokes played on negative stereotypes about black people. Your joke directly references a negative stereotype about Jewish people. They’re not even close to equivalent.

er, yeah. Thanks, Fenris and twickster.

So what about the Catholic nun joke?

No nun attendant.

To be clear, it’s a tongue-in-cheek (ha) question as I certainly don’t think it deserved a note, too. But, it does poke fun at the basis for a large religious belief system i.e., celibate priests. I mean, if you can distinguish that as just a joke, and c’mon it’s harmless, why not the Jewish joke?

I suppose I’m being a bit of a pedantic devil’s advocate…

Do you mean this one?

If so, I see that as the equivalent of this (that also mentions Jews, but hasn’t drawn any complaints):

Both of those jokes refer to particular facets of people’s beliefs (not eating meat during Lent; a quorum of Jews required for some observances) and rely on a bit of wordplay, but neither one makes explicit reference to a negative connotation of the beliefs. There’s a huge difference between those two jokes and one that relies on a widely known, negative stereotype.

Don’t you think that’s a little insensitive when we’re discussing religious jokes? :wink:

Since when is being cheap an official part of the Jewish religious faith? :dubious:

I can’t really get fired up about this particular instance but I am uneasy about moderating the Mods opinion of good taste.

Are baby-in-a-blender jokes ok?


Too soon. My blender died last week .


Too. Funny.

Okay, what I’ve got so far here is,

  1. Jokes which involve “negative stereotypes about an entire group of people” are unacceptable, unless
  2. they appear in designated offensive-joke threads, in which case they’re fine.
  3. Negative stereotypes which are not cast as jokes are also fine.

Where’d you get (3) from?

I don’t see number 3. Being a jerk and hate speech are against the rules.

I am worse at social cues, and reading between the lines, than most people on the planet, but the joke that Jews don’t tip was qualitatively different than any other joke in the thread.

If we were at the advanced humor level, we could talk about how someone could use a negative-stereotype-joke ironically, but that’s outside the scope of this level.

If you can’t tell the difference, just don’t talk about negative stereotypes. Your life will go better.

Enforcement is, shall we say, haphazard.

More to the point of my comment, there are all kinds of attitudes and assertions which could be construed as “negative stereotypes” of various degrees. Politics, religion, culture, lifestyle. You can’t really talk about this stuff without at least glancing off some stereotypical views.

For example,

Now, this comment was challenged right away, but it was also acknowledged,

Then a counter stereotype,

This was poked at in turn.

This is all fine, right? Never mind what you think of the ideas being expressed, one way or the other; the point is that there’s nothing wrong with putting them out and talking about them. None of the people in the thread come across as jerkish or hateful to any reasonable reader, do they?

But wait! Are these jokes being spun off?


For some.

None of which has anything to do with a thread in a different forum in which I indicated that people should refrain from posting antisemitic jokes.

Jesus saves, but Moses invests…?

No, really, glad I didn’t share the Kosher tampon one.

Lots of Jews make jokes about Jews here, it’s just done a bit more casually, usually like, “We’re Jewish, so that’s fitting!” or some such.

Since Christ stiffed the waiter at the Last Supper?


Totally not His fault. Judas said he got it covered.