Twixter, a question about your mod note in the joke thread

In this thread you handed out a mod note that includes:

I’m curious as to what rule was broken.

I believe it was a violation of SD code section 754.3 (d) which states “If any post contains material that at least one (1) moderator should not find humorous, said post shall fail to meet the definition of ‘joke’ under section 754.”

This is commonly referred to as the “humorless <deleted>” clause in forums that allow for accurate descriptions of those who would employ such a rule.

I think it was the joke itself.

No rule was broken, which is why no warning was issued.

The joke was, however, offensive, and reported as such. I encourage you not to give free rein to any other antisemititic “jokes” you may have up your sleeve in the future, though, lest you cross either the “don’t be a jerk” or “no hate speech” rule.

twickster, MPSIMS moderator

Too soon!

It wasn’t my joke, nor do I have any “antisemititic” jokes up my sleeve so there’s no need for the threatening tone. I ask because there are any number of joke threads where those types of jokes are posted and I’ve never seen any mod intervention.

Thanks for your reply.

Really, so is it any joke that references race/religion/ethnicity and the associated stereotypes that is offensive? Or is it just special protections for one religion?

Maybe there should be an exception for those “offensive joke” threads, where we get an archive of hateful stereotypes just for yuks. I’m not particularly convinced that hateful stereotypes need to pollute other threads, though, even joke threads. It was a good call.

Lemme get this straight: You’re offended because she was offended?

It was a backhanded slap at a minority group. How is that funny? How is that appropriate?

Who is offended? I just find this another example of the poor moderation over here. “Oh, I don’t like this joke, so I’ll make a mod note of it, while not only ignoring other jokes that also play on religious/ethnic/racial differences but also telling those who report such ‘offensive’ jokes to stop doing so.”

Careful, we’ll unleash the tuba jokes next.
What’s the range of a tuba?

Twenty yards if you’ve got a good arm.

Can you give us an example or two of jokes you’ve reported but were told to not report?

As a Jew myself, I thought it was amusing and appropriate. It’s not hilarious, as I’ve heard it a million times, but it riffs off a common (and silly!) stereotype.

In this case, I think context is key. In a joke thread, I’m really not worried that the poster was truly espousing anti-Semitic ideas. Maybe in a thread about how much Jews suck, I’d feel differently. Probably not even then… I’m pretty hard to offend. :smiley:


I wouldn’t have said there are “any number” of threads that include such jokes. We have allowed a few threads specifically dedicated to offensive jokes. It’s debatable whether such threads should be allowed in general. However, just because we have allowed such threads doesn’t mean we’re going to permit antisemitic and other offensive jokes elsewhere.

Just scroll through the thread in question. There are plenty of jokes in there that riff on different racial/ethnic/religious backgrounds, as well as ones on handicaps and even spousal abuse. Now, none of these are, in my mind, offensive at all, especially for a jokes thread, but they are easily the joke equivalents of the one that got mod noted. (That is, they are mostly lame and unfunny, but only someone looking to be offended is even going to blink at them.)

This is it exactly!

The joke is old, tired, worn out, and wasn’t really that funny when it was fresh, but to get offended by it being posted in a jokes thread? Especially when posted in a half-joking response to an equally old/lame joke that riffs on someone being black (and hence shows the innocuous nature of the poster’s intent)? Get real.

You reported these, and were told not to do so anymore?

I just scrolled through it and no, there really isn’t. In fact, I have no clue what jokes in that thread you could possibly have interpreted that way.

Thanks for your input. Some people have kind of ran with the OP. I didn’t say it was a bad call. I didn’t say I was offended, Tuba (However, Twix being offended shouldn’t be enough for an official mod note). Twix specifically said “no warning”. That implies a rule was broken - I was asking which one as these types of jokes are posted on occasion with no kerfuffle. That’s the extent of it.

Everyone that has been offended by a joke of any kind, has very likely laughed at a joke that offended somebody else. Just look at the previous thread about jokes riffing on the Aurora shootings.