Explicitly saying the Jews are vermin earns a note and not a Warning. WTF?

IMHO thread about people’s most hated type of vermin.


Response from Budget Player Cadet (post #7)

Here is Ellen Cherry’s anemic note:

How does this not earn an actual Warning, in particular when the poster has been noted, if not warned, a few other times in the past? Is it because it was a “joke” so that makes it not so bad?

BTW, BPC was suspended for a month around a year and a half ago after repeated warnings.

I agree. What an anemic response. People get stronger notes for threadshitting in a movie thread.

He’s made it pretty clear it’s a joke. I don’t think it’s a big deal.

It’s not clear it’s a joke to me as I have no idea what edgier than bismuth means. I think it’s in awful taste and should garner a warning.

I don’t know what it means either, but it’s obvious from context that it’s signifying edgy humour. I know jokes and satire can sometimes be difficult to parse on the internet, but the guy put in a tag for crying out loud. Jeez.

“jokes” like that are, IMHO, tantamount to trolling for attention - as

a) the poster knows thats not the real topic of the thread
b) the poster knows its going to cause a shitstorm of shit

You know who else were compared to vermin? The Tutsi in Rwanda just before the genocide.

It’s not funny and it is racist and should be treated seriously.

Absolutely. Considering it was just the memorial for the Rwandian genocide, it’s also in very poor taste.

I see that BPC is on the ban-train. I greet the OP with a shrug as I don’t care too much whether it happens sooner or later. Borderline calls and exceptions notwithstanding, the overall process works ok, IMHO.
ETA: “Munich suburbs”. Huh. My understanding is that such expressions are illegal in Germany. Wow.

Moreover, being a jerk and making a joke are not mutually exclusive illocutionary acts. In a similar way, if I walk up to you and step on your toe, it’s not excusable just because I say “hah hah” while I do it–whether the laugh is sincere or not.

It was a bad joke. It got a slapdown. End of story.

I researched the “edgier than Bismuth” comment, then reported the post. I tend to get close to the line, but the comment was shit.

I recall PSXer got one of his warnings (ahead of a suspension) for making literally almost the exact same joke in an IMHO thread.

Yes, here it is.

It’s not even as disgusting as BPC’s “joke,” just a bad stereotype joke (blaming the Jews for everything). I would think equating them with vermin would be a much worst offense and certainly deserving a warning (or worse) if PSXer got one for a more mild use of the same joke.

There certainly is a great deal of inconsistency in those two mod actions.

It’s apparently a slang term on some message boards. It means you’re making a post that you know will offend some readers.

In other words - trolling - and admitting as such.

Thank God he didn’t call them ‘Close Minded’

Probably Republican jews would have gotten the warning. I’ve only received one warning and it was a joke about Republicans.

You win the thread.