Everyone should know what an asshole Budget Player Cadet is

A poll was started in IMHO about the most hated type of vermin. The usual answers were things like lice, rats and roaches.

Here is BPC’s response:


There really aren’t words for such a disgusting post, especially coming from someone supposedly in Germany. The rest of the posters in the thread did a great job of not feeding the troll in the thread and deserve kudos for that. I am posting this here so more of us know about this dick head and can respond appropriately.

Scum. Pure scum. I’m sure he’ll fine back about it was just a joke, ha ha. Sorry- too disgusting for words.

This is said as a child of Holocaust survivors, whose extended family were exterminated like vermin.

So, your solution to someone posting a rather stupid joke is to spread it around so that more people notice it?

Interesting response.

Is there any evidence that this is not a joke? Now, I don’t find it a particularly funny joke, especially enough so to make up for its offensiveness, but it’s way different from someone seriously espousing the viewpoint.

It doesn’t even look like a semi-joke like a “ha ha it’s just a joke but seriously amirite?” I don’t even see that in the joke. I could be wrong and BPC could do this all the time in which case it would arouse suspicions of a semijoke, but these days, I’d assume it’s a mediocre joke unless shown otherwise.

Why not? Behavior like that shouldn’t be kept in the shadows. It was quite appropriate not to reply in thread, but yeah, I’d want to know and starting a pit thread is appropriate.

Yes. I thought that that was obvious to the extreme. It should be noticed and not swept under the rug. I’m not pointing out the joke. I’m calling out the joker.

BPC is an idiot, but this was just a stupid joke. You see similar all the time here, even in GD. Often by Jewish Posters.

What is “Edgier than Bismuth” supposed to mean? I’m so edgy that I’m just the coolest thing alive?

So let BPC come back and explain it was a joke and acknowledge how tone deaf it was in a thread about vermin. Others don’t have to explain his behavior away- let him come back and do it.

I’m not a fan of the kid at all, but that was just a lame/absurd joke.

A Google image search may well be in order.

Let’s see some examples.

Budget Player Cadet is impervious to reasoned debate and has no demonstrated ability to retreat and acknowledge error when he’s made on, which is not an infrequent occurrence.

But I have never before heard him say anything that I considered anti-Semitic. I think this is a tone-deaf attempt at humor.

I wish someone would explain the “humor.” This has been raised in ATMB as well, regarding the mod’s mild-mannered response. What the fuck is the joke here? Is it the bismuth thing? If so, what is bismuth? Explain please!

Link to ATMB thread here.

Bismuth has edges, see?

I thought the guy was pretty smart, though he definitely has a cognitively-challenged penis. But I see now that I have misjudged. Even if he meant no ill-intent, Jewish jokes should not be touched with a ten foot pole unless you’re a card-carrying member of the tribe. Especially on the eve of Passover. Everyone knows that.

It’s meant to recognize that he knew it was a terrible joke. Like most stupid things, it comes from 4chan (which is really what hajario should be pitting him for, if you ask me.)

“I replace the god in “in god we trust” on my money with Satan #dgaf

“Wow dude, you’re edgier than bismuth.”

Not defending the post, but I see what BPC was going for. The humor should be in the SHOCK at the level of tone deafness. It’s soooooo far out there, that you just know it can’t be sincere, and you are supposed to be able to see that, and understand that the humor comes from just the sheer oh-my-god-he-just-said-Jews jawdrop.

Not funny, but I doubt it was expressing BPC’s true feelings about people of Jewish ancestry.

I did. Nada. But then, my Google-foo is not at the master level.

ETA: Thanks, Inner Stickler. Looks like my guess was pretty spot on.

I think we aspire to be a scoatch more mature than 4chan.

Something being a joke doesn’t mean it wasn’t an assholish thing to do.

I don’t think that’s a link to an ATMB thread.

I’m not at all sure this “joke” would ever occur to someone who is totally free from anti-semitism.