Two-button suits

I have a couple of Boss suits that I quite like. Unfortunately, they have two-button jackets. Apparently, NOBODY wears two-button suits anymore. When will two-button jackets come back in style so I can wear them again?

Does it really matter? I have some two-button Boss suits, which I quite happily wear. I don’t care whether they’re the “current style” or not.

I bought a two button suit last week from a fairly trendy sort of place. AFAIC, they’re in. Then again I was wearing a 1968 Harris Tweed overcoat at the time, so YMMV.

Hmm. I just bought a new suit. I chose a 3-button, which the sales guy recommended because I’m fairly tall and thin, but he also said 3-buttons are a recent fad which no one knows whether it will last while 2-buttons have stood the test of time and will always be around. The idea that you’ll look like some kind of wierdo for wearing a 2-button is news to me.

Besides, a three button stand looks like a two button stand. The third button (unless you have a thing for really narrow lapels) should be mostly covered by the curl of the lapel. This leaves two visable buttons, and it’s only the middle one that’s important anyway. Two button suits are great, I wear mine all the time and I don’t feel the least bit dowdy.

Er? Classic clothing like this is always in style. Besides, you like it and you think you look good in it - these things are also always in style.

I wouldn’t worry about it.

I’m confused, are we talking 2 buttons across or up and down?

And also, if you have three buttons (up and down) which one(s) are you supposed to button, top or bottom, if you’re not leaving your jacket open of course.

On a three button suit, you only ever button the middle one. On a two button suit, you only button the top. On those ESPN style suits with 10 buttons, you burn them and go buy a two or three button job.

Lies. If a fairly trendy company like Hugo Boss is making them, you’re still chic.

I always liked the Edwardian look…sooner or later, it’ll be back in style!