Two dead in Las Vegas courthouse shooting

CNN Cite

Aw Fuck!

I think killing people is bad.

What about terrorists and serial killers? Pfft, typical bleeding heart liberal. :rolleyes:

This wouldn’t be a problem if people just loved each other and lived in candy houses that elevate above all the hate on a cloud of unicorn farts.

Oh my god! Two whole people died! In the same day! This must be the biggest, most important story ever. Thank you so much for bringing it to our attention and telling us how to feel about it.

Why don’t you value human life? :frowning:

Total number of reported murders from the year 2008 in the US was 16,204. Divided by 365 makes for approximately 45 murders per day, on average.

So there are 43 other murdered people from today to be outraged about.

Yes, but were those 43 others CNN cover stories? Think about that for a second, Mr. Smartypants.

From the article, one of the dead was the original shooter, so we’ve still got 44 other victims for our RO.

In that case I am twenty times more outraged than I was when I first read the OP.

Aw Fuck! Aw Fuck! Aw Fuck! Aw Fuck! Aw Fuck! Aw Fuck! Aw Fuck! Aw Fuck! Aw Fuck! Aw Fuck! Aw Fuck! Aw Fuck! Aw Fuck! Aw Fuck! Aw Fuck! Aw Fuck! Aw Fuck! Aw Fuck! Aw Fuck! Aw Fuck!

No, but you can catch them on AMC (All Murder Channel)

All the murders!
24 hours a day!
More murders than any other channel!

All snark aside, there are good reasons to find this incident more alarming than the other forty-some murders which probably happened today. This incident took place in a federal building with standard federal-building security measures in place - and thus points out that these measures are vulnerable to sufficiently motivated assailants. (Not news, of course, but it’s a disheartening reminder).

Give me a break. It’s 2010. A brand new decade. You can’t apply 2008 daily murder rates to 2010.

Well, it was in the lobby - I’m assuming it happened before the screening area, so those measures probably weren’t actually defeated in any way.

In fact, one could argue that one goal of the security measures is to force the hand of any assailant – he must do whatever he’s going to do outside the protected zone, because he sure as hell can’t do it inside. This is similar to “fighting them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here” – it shifts the battlezone instead of preventing all harm – and it may not be any more satisfying. But it does protect the high-value targets in the actual trial chamber.

And even then it would just be 21.5 news stories.

I remember when being murdered in Las Vegas wasn’t news. Free Gotti!

Not terrorism so I don’t care.

Well, that’s just murder. Let’s not forget outrage at sadism, pedophilia, and cat declawing. Lots of outrage is needed, so don’t use it all up on one murder.

I think pedophilia is bad.