Two foods that just don't go together?

I’m looking for suggestions of two foods that most people like, and yet most people would find distasteful if combined. Why? Well, I like strawberries and I like chocolate cake, but strawberries in (or even on) my chocolate cake? Yuck. But, of course, friends and family give me a hard time, saying “How can you like the two of them but not like them together?” I’d just like to have an example (or two) that I could toss back at them to make the point that just because two foods are good, it doesn’t necessary follow that they’re good together.

I can do this. All it takes is recalling my school cafeteria menu.

Spaghetti w/marinara and corn: aside from the fact that it is two starches, it just looks stupid on the plate together.

Pizza and green beans

I have also personally hated the “Bananas and Strawberries” combination. I love bananas, and I adore strawberries, but putting them together forms some kind of semi-translucent pinkish good that eats off the sharp edges of the cut bananas and makes them into squishy lumps. Yuk.

Vegetable in gelatin (aspic aside, I’m talking about actual chopped up veggies suspended in jell-o)

Coleslaw with stroganoff(sp?): This was perpetrated upon my family by my grandmother, once, long ago, and followed by…

Tacos and cranberry sauce: She had a Mexican themed Holiday party, but just couldn’t forgo some of the traditional stuff.


Pickles and ice cream
Chocolate and pizza

Orange Juice and anything Minty.

(Ever brush your teeth BEFORE you drank your OJ in the morning?)

Pepsi and Milk.
LaVerne lied. That stuff’s nasty.

Chocolate and pepperoni.

M&M’s and pizza sauce.

Orange juice and beer.
Milk and beer.
Orange juice and milk.

Cranberry juice, then milk.

Well, my sister, who was living with us for a while, had a favorite meal: chicken-flavored Stovetop Stuffing, chicken-flavored Rice-a-Roni, and corn.


Bananas and Ketchup

Ice Cream and Ketchup

In fact, a lot of things don’t go with ketchup. In the movie Godspell you can tell one of the characters is supposed to be in Hell, because they put ketchup on the whipped-cream pies before throwing them into her face.

At Baskin-Robbins I heard that they made up a gallon of ketchup ice cream for one of the managers, who put ketchup on everything. No one would eat it. Inclusing him.

Mustard and chocolate

Peanut butter and pickles. I have eaten this and I wasn’t pregnant. What the hell is wrong with me??

Coffee and pizza.

Potatoes and mayonaise.

Potatoes (other than fries) and ketsup.

Malted milk balls and vanilla milk shakes. uugghhhh.

Peas and carrots. Who the hell ever thought these two went together?

Coffee and pretty much any kind of fruit. I don’t know who decided that having both coffee and juice at breakfast was a good idea.

Probably the same person who decided on cereal and OJ at the same time.

I like pina coladas. I like spaghetti. I made the mistake of ordering both once. Now if I ever decide to simulate the taste of vomit, I’ll know how to do it.

Coffee and Super Sugar Crisp (a sweetened puffed wheat cereal, now known as Golden Crisp, 'cause somewhere along the line, “Sugar” became “not a selling point.” But I digress.)

A decade or so ago, there was a radio commercial that included a phrase something like “…foods that don’t belong together, like kiwi pizza.”

That pretty much says it for me.

Chocolate and anything else.

Three exceptions:

  1. Chocolate milk.

  2. Chocolate chip cookies.

  3. Chocolate and sex.

Bananas and strong cheddar cheese - tastes like vomit.

Bacon and raisins.

Chocolate and garlic.