two job offer dilemma (longish)

I’ll even provide details like how much cash and stuff.

Last week I got offered and accepted a job with a largish scientific company for about $90K a year. Lots of travel, decent opportunity for advancement, which would probably become more sales and buisness and less sciencey. Pretty much standard benifits.

I will probably get offered a job tomorrow at a University (same town) running the chemistry labs. I won’t teach students, but will teach, advise and direct teaching assistants, develop labs and be involved in education/research…not on “soft” money. I’ve always been a teacher and scientist at heart and have wanted a job like this for many years…pay at the most is 65K. but its a state job with state type benifits. No real chance of advancement, I’d be doing the same thing for many years with only cost of living raises and only one promotion.

Well the obvious question is: What is your opinion on what I should do…Call up the company and say, never mind (even though I already accepted); or turn down the university job.

But the more immediate question is: Should I call the University before they offer me the job and let them know I have this other position.

More background. THe University job is with researchers and scientists I am familiar with, friends with, and have used as mentors in my career. Essentially, for the last 6 years I’ve met with these people and asked them for advice and help on getting a University job just like the one that is coming up. Now these exact people have the opportunity to give me this position.

Esssentially, For 6 years I’ve been asking about and telling them my desire to work for them; and now when the opportunity happens, I’m potentially going to say…Thanks, never mind.

So my question about should I call them and talk to them about my accepted higher pay position is more, because they are mentors of mine that I don’t want to piss off or disappoint, and less because they would be employers. I feel like I should warn them, that, yes, even though I’ve wanted this job for 6 years, I have this accepted offer for a lot more cash, that gives me pause.

I don’t think I’m leagaly obligated to work for the company that I’ve accepted the offer from…it’s just incredibly bad form for me to back out now, though my current thought is to go with the cash.

Opinions and help please!

I once took a job for substantially more money, giving up a job I enjoyed doing. It was a big mistake. I was not happy. Unless you seriously doubt your ability to live on 65K a year, I’d go with what makes you happy.

Of course, you didn’t say you would be unhappy in the higher paying position, but you implied you’d be happier at the university.

You spend a big chunk of your waking hours every week at work. You really don’t want to spend that time unhappy if you can avoid it.

Thank the people who offered you the job. Don’t feel obliged to take it. Take the job you like most.

I think a big issue here is the fact that the OP has already accepted one position. Is that correct, you’ve formally accepted the job offer?

Even if she’s formally accepted it, she still can say “oopsies.”

Which one do you really want? Which one is YOUR dream? Not your mother’s dream, your SO’s dream, your friend’s dream or what you feel society expects from you?

Take that one, tell the other one “thanks and I wish you the best.”

There’s a lot of world wide travel in the corporate position. about 1 week a month I’ll be gone. This is both a plus and a minus.

I expect I will be happy at the corporate job, maybe not as happy. but you don’t really know until you get there. I may be unhappy dealing with the drama of poor teaching assistant attitude every semester, I don’t know.

Currently I get paid 75K so the 65K is a reduction in pay, but the pension plan and other benifits might make up the difference. Certainly it wouldn’t come up to the 90K nor can match the chance of advancement.

Don’t forget: I’m looking for advice on whether I should call my mentors/potential employers and tell them my current offer that makes it a tougher call.

I’ve had a confusing stressful month…Been wanting to leave my job for years, and all of the sudden everyone wants to talk to me and offer me jobs…where were you guys 6 months ago? or a year ago or 2,3 ,4,5?

Tell them.

I always think it’s best to be open and honest. But then maybe I’m naive. I’d tell them.

Yep I’ll tell them, I just wasn’t sure I should tell them now, before they offer me a position (assuming they do). In large part, I would like to maintain my close personal/professional relationships with the University people who have helped me over the years, and I don’t want to cause hard feelings with them…anyone really, but I think someone is going to be miffed at me…the company or the university

Just who will it be is the question.