Two months salary- What kind of engagement ring will your man's job let him buy you?

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Currently my hubby’s salary would let him buy me much much much more ring than I’d want to wear (over $5 k). The ring I have cost $650, and it suits me perfectly.

Two month’s of my income - averaged out - I could buy him a ring for $10k.

I think he’d rather have $10k worth of steaks. :smiley:

The whole thing is silly. You can’t eat a ring. :stuck_out_tongue:

ETA: I give the artist props, she did have a Mechanic category!

Wow, I think my ring cost about 1 or 2 weeks pay, probably somewhere in between. And it’s far more sumptuous than I expected!

And there are some seriously ugly rings in those prints. Thank goodness I didn’t hook up with some rich guy, or who knows what monstrosity I’d have on my finger… Looks like an interesting exhibit, though.

Back in 1989, Mr. S gave me a budget of $1,000, which I’ve just guesstimated would have been less than 3 weeks’ salary. It was way more than I needed or wanted. My engagement ring (actually an anniversary band) was just under $300, and my gold ridged wedding band was about the same. His gold ring was something like $89.

I just did some more math, and at Mr. S’s top salary ever, I would have been wearing a $6,000 rock! No frigging way.

We are thinking about getting shiny new rings to mark our 20th anniversary next year. We didn’t put a whole lot of thought into choosing these, and I think it would be cool if we had funky matching rings.

I happen to hate wearing rings, and I detest diamonds …

cheap engagement? :smiley:

I found a website that has opal rings once, and saw the most beautiful black opal set in platinum, for $750. If I wore rings, I would rather that instead of the Hope Diamond changed from a necklace into a ring…

My engagement ring was about 6 weeks salary when my husband bought it for me. Now it would cover less than one week’s salary. Should I have been asking for an upgrade all these years? :wink:

Two months salary is a huge portion of a couple’s budget to be spending on a luxury like a ring. I felt like mine cost a bit much for us to be spending at the time, but that was the husband’s choice because it was his savings. Two months salary can take over a year to save for. Who plans for over a year to propose to a woman? Nearly no one. Which means of course, that the diamond industry has managed to convince way too many people to go into debt for a diamond. It’s really kind of sad.

My ring cost my husband nothing. It had been his grandmother’s ring, and it got handed down to my husband’s mother. My husband asked his mom if he could have the ring, so he could give it to me for our engagement. (It’s the ring that he proposed to me with!)

It’s a beautiful ring in a unique and very pretty design! I love it, but I have no idea what its retail value would be.

My ring didn’t cost anything but a resizing. It’s the ring his father used to propose to his mother, 40 years ago. She’s now wearing her mother’s diamond, which she had re-set, and she offered to let my man use her ring, if he wanted. It’s perfect, and I figure it brought them 40 years of happiness, so it’s got to be bringing us some good karma too.

I’d have hated to see him spend two months salary on a ring. And he knew it. There are so many better things to be saving our money for! I don’t want a huge sparkly rock on my finger, just something I can look at and smile at and have as a symbol of my betrothal. Most of the rings on that website are much too “blingy” for me.

My husband didn’t get me an engagement ring. He was in the Air Force at the time, so I told him that I’d rather have a plain gold wedding ring, and save the money for something else. I had this old ring resized last December, and the resizing cost him less than a week’s pay. I also had one of my mother’s sapphire rings resized to fit me. She had given it to me, saying that she wanted to give it to me while she was still in her right mind (she has Alzheimer’s, it’s progressing pretty rapidly, but she has her lucid moments), since she had always intended for me to have it and its companion pendant. Sapphires are my birthstone and my favorite stone. I have never been terribly impressed with diamonds, and now that I know their history, I really don’t want to have them. I would rather have just about any colored gemstone, set in a yellow gold ring.

What I’d really rather have is a computer upgrade. My husband knows this, accepts this, and budgets for it. A computer upgrade won’t last as long, but it WILL make me happy for a while. I know that my husband likes stuff for his farm/hunting lodge. I’ll get him something for his little cabin, or make him something. I absolutely won’t buy him jewelry, I know that he hates it and would never wear it. As NinetyWt said, he’d rather eat the equivalent of the ring in steak (or various other dishes).

Less than an anesthesiologist, but not by a lot.

Two months’ salary is so stupid. It’s just a ring!

Mine cost about 4 days’ salary (before taxes, anyway). I told him if he spent more than a week’s worth, I’d kick his ass. :slight_smile: Of course I didn’t mean I’d kick his ass, but he knew I meant that I wouldn’t be happy if he spent the money he’s been saving just on a silly ring. Make sure it’s pretty, yes, but don’t spend so much on it.

Moot point, since our engagement lasted all of five hours. We didn’t even buy rings until after we got married.

At the time, he had just lost his job so I’m the one who could have bought nice ring, (at that time, I could have sprung for about $4K, but he was never much into diamonds) but we opted for a great road trip instead.

Good point. Is the two months’ salary before or after tax?

Two months salary is almost criminally irresponsible in my view, and I’m really glad my wife and I see eye to eye on that (she was against an an engagement ring anyway, but even if she wasn’t there is no way she’d think anything close to two months salary would be appropriate). The marketing shrills who present this idea with a straight face out to be slapped around. The idea that financially crippling yourself to show your love is sensible behavior is no less ludicrous to me then if the axe industry wanted to get into the act by promoting cutting off a foot to show your love!

Our wedding bands themselves together were a fraction of “two months salary”. Thank goodness, because mine went missing a few weekends ago and we will have to replace it. Nice to know we won’t be taking out an irresponsible loan for that!

Honestly, except for the Fast Food Worker print, I’m not seeing much of a different between the rings pictured.

Take a jewelry class and make your own. **That **would have some significance.

My ring was bought at an auction and cost less than $500. It’s gold with 3 champagne diamonds, just over .6 of a carat.

He always swore that when we were better off he’d buy me a new one. The other day he took me to a jewelry store and told me to choose one.

I did. The one that’s already on my hand.

Any man who spent two months of his salary in a ring (or other engagement shiny) for me would get rejected. Maybe not right then, but definitely when I heard how much the bloody thing had cost. Buying a car like the one I have, new, would cost two months of my salary, and I make good money.

The ring I got for my wife cost me nothing. It was my mother’s aunt’s 21st birthday present, Mum got it when the aunt died in her 80s, and Mum gave it to me to give to the girl. It was valued at about $3500 and has a single diamond with a natural emerald on either side. The band had an interesting curve, and the wedding ring was made to fit against the engagement ring. At the time, if I’d followed the “rule”, I could’ve got a $3500 dollar ring (after tax), so I guess the value is fitting.

When I bought it, I don’t think it was quite two months salary. Probably over one month. Today it would be a lot more but we have more expenses and I couldn’t aford anything close to that.