Two much of a good thing, cloning...

This is to announce a new scientific breakthrough. I, DPWhite have succeeded in making a mirror image clone of myself through the wonders of science. Using my patented C&H transmorgifying duplicator, I have created a full size exact replica with all memories intact, except scarring. The only major differences are that the new “unit” has no scars from stupid childhood mistakes with bicycles and electricity, has tonsils and adenoids, is left handed (rather than right) and needs orthodontic work, but not dental work.

The two DPWhite’s shall be known as DPWhite rgt and DPWhite lft, but shall have the same duties. Only one will use the law license at any one time, to avoid ethics issues on double billing, etc. We have noticed no good/evil problems along the lines of the fictional good twin, evil twin dilemna.


This was supposed to be a secret! :mad:

Troll. :rolleyes:


Yet another misuse of cutting-edge medical science to pad a post count.

And that seems to be all it’s good for.