Two of the luckiest people I've ever seen.

I’ve watched this video 4 times and still am amazed this woman and kid weren’t killed. The slo mo footage shows how the cars rear wheel just barely misses the woman’s torso. I swear that kid’s head was within an inch of the front tire. It all worked out that they weren’t crushed.

Gosh it pays to be lucky in life.

I’d rather be lucky than good.

My first observation is that if they had moved a bit to the left instead of right the two cars would have passed on either side of them. Of course they could not have predicted that.

Then I saw the slo-mo and it really looks to me like the right front tire runs right over the boy’s neck! It even seems to have turned up his shirt collar, as you can see after he walks around the woman. How is he not dead or quadriplegic? Truly amazing luck.

it just wasn’t their time to die.

They could probably use an energy drink. Helps when you’re feeling run-down and tired.

I thought I had a theory about how the back left wheel went off the curb as the right front wheel goes over the boy’s head/shoulders, but it was patently wrong. I’m just going to put this down to it being a lightweight car. Reason #1,051 why we should get rid of (or at least tax like crazy) SUVs, minivans, and pickups (unless there is truly a purpose) and only build compact cars.

I’ll see you, and raise you one.

I don’t know. I think I might be luckier, not having had a parked car recently propelled at me at high speed.

Exactly. If it was lucky that they survived getting almost ran over by a car, wouldn’t it be even luckier not to be almost ran over by a car in the first place?

I would actually call that bad luck, that he happens to be in that spot where two high-speed trains pass within seconds of each other.

He does, however, have pretty impressive reaction time and jumping/diving skill. I’d pick him first for my dodgeball team any day.

Also, look at the timing of when the first train clears the track as the second train arrives.

I wonder where the black car from the first video went. The article doesn’t say what happened to it or if they were caught or ticketed or what.

That was my first thought as well.

:eek: Incredible reflexes. Twice. Human adrenaline can occasionally do amazing things.

I keep hoping someday someone will document a car being lifted in an emergency. Every once in awhile they’ll be a news story about one person saving somebody by doing that. Eventually someone with a camera phone will be in the right place to record it. (faked or staged stunts don’t count).


I am pretty sure this one is not authentic. The guy accelerates sideways after leaving the ground on the first jump. Looks like he is doing this with a bluescreen and got the spacing a little wrong so they had to “slide” him a bit during the jump.

I’d rather be both! :cool:

I watched this several times and I don’t see what you describe, it looks pretty authentic to me.

There’s another ‘luckiest man alive’ video going around which I won’t link to about a car being crushed by a lorry in Russia after a poor overtake, what none of the people posting to it state is that he quite clearly has a passenger who again quite clearly didn’t survive. :\

Even before looking at it closely, I got a distinct sense of wrongness from the first jump, like when stunt isn’t done quite right in a movie and it is obvious the person moving through the air is not moving ballistically.

Anyway, it appears to be said to have come from at least 4 different locations, but no one can find anything documenting its actual origins or the inevitable newspaper article that would have come from something like this.

You may very well be correct but it doesn’t look intrinsicly implausible to me. It would be interesting if its providence could be confirmed either way.