Two or three things that upset me:

A few weeks ago, I made fun of a local journalist. He said some amazingly stupid things in his weekly space, and I just hadda share… Since I’m a fool, I thought it would be fun to take credit for his troubles. Oops. He took this one post to an internet message board (this one) as a true confession, and suggested via email that I should watch my back, as he was armed, and ready for me. The strange thing is that he never sent ME any email, he sent all of his threats to my mother…

Great, dude. Do you feel like your dick has grown back into a useful appendage because you scared a sixty-year-old woman? Is THAT why you carry a gun?

That thread was closed, shortly after I asked if it would be best to forget the OP. And thanks.

Yeah, fuck me for laughing at someone I know in real life. You didn’t see the mail he sent after my (prolly over-the top) post.

As he’s not here, and can’t defend himself, I don’t see any reason for anyone to reply to the first part of this post,. except for those who are going to tell me that they’re forwarding it to him.

The other thing bugging me is that it’s prolly going to take me an hour to send this-- another double post most likely, as early morning seems to suck my messages up around here. I get tired of waiting an hour to see if a message has arrived, but guess I have to…

Umm, third thing? Uhh… GE(Thompson CE) and BellSouth make the worst fucking cordless phones on the planet. So there.

What a pathetic reporter.

If you’re going to say stupid/unresearched things in a newspaper article except to get your ass handed back to you on a platter. Obviously he’s in some 3rd rate newspaper if his Editor didn’t give him a bigger assreaming than you did. The fact that he emailed you back is even worse.

Can we say ‘letter to the editor’? :slight_smile: Darth Nader, fire off a letter to the editor and include the email he sent your mom, and include what you wrote about him. Their Editor should rip the twerp several new assholes.

Not only is it totally unprofessional, it could get the newpaper in legal problems.

It’ll be fun, easy and educational to get him fired. Do it! DOOOO IT!