If you can't take it, get out of The Pit, geez

I know I am saying shit that is out of line, but at this point I really don’t care.

Look, The Pit is get out your frustrations about everyone and life, right or wrong. If you take it upon yourself to enter in this area (or other such places like GD) you are subject to some very unpopular posts, some very unlikable words, some very uncommon things you might encounter in real life if you said it in public.

So with that I say, don’t try to hold The Chicago Reader liable for bullshit you might spawn on this board, enough that others need to comment on. It was your own bullshit that started the problem to begin with. If you say it here, on the SDMB boards, you are liable for your own words not the CR. Just don’t go blaming the CR and the members of this board for your lack of tact or whatever it is that you brought about. If it’s that much of pain in the ass you might consider an email to the person that you disagree with but the moment you open yourself up public scrutiny you need to be prepared for a back lash if people disagree with you.

I am not a mod I am am not an admin but damnit some of you need to realize many of us have been subjected to unpopular opinions in a very harsh way, many of us have said shit in here that we regret, many of us wish we could eat our words at times.

The moment that you “hold The Reader” liable for the bullshit that is spewed in this forum, you come across to me as the weakest of the weak whoever you are, a bigger puss than I am and that’s quite the puss.

So stop your threats to The Reader, they aren’t holding you hostage for you to post here or anywhere. Get over yourself. Deal with it. If you post an unpopular opinion, expect that people will be more than outspoken. Hey, I know this more than many on this board and I attribute it to my own lack of knowledge, or that I am not informed or I am too pissed off for words or that I am ignorant. But don’t, for one second, sit back and threaten this or any message board for your lack of spine and realize this is a message board, not your playground for bringing out the attorneys.

Okay? Got it? This is enough of this bullshit. If you have anything to say, say it, and I pretty much guarantee you that your “sue” attitude will be looked upon as some pussy ass way to get attention.

I can’t believe this, I really can’t. Good God, I shoulda sued The Reader six months ago over similar allegations. < sheesh>

Oh jeez…what is it NOW!!! A link maybe?

OK… huh? I have no idea what you’re talking about. Is there a link or something?

What we have here is…failure…to communicate.


Sorry ladies, but you’ll have to seek out Tuba’s post in this thread to know where I am coming from:

My IE is all fuckered up, but she says:

I am just tired of this “sue, sue, sue you” attitude. Once that comes up I have to bring up the obivous, it’s freakin lame.

BTW, it started with this tread:
I am not stating that inor was right or wrong but the events that apparently came after is what bothers me. I felt he was off the top, no problem, many of us have been there. But to threaten legal action to The Chicago Reader has my own panties in a bunch.

Sorry, ladies and guy…Mr. Cynical you added your input before I saw it.

Um…why? I don’t see as how it concerns you. And I thought you didn’t wear panties!!! ::scratching head::

Eh, Vogie, I am not wearing panties now, usually only during “that time of month” ya goof. (said in the nicest of goof ways)

Anyhow, it does bother me that people are threatening the CR with legal outcomes if they are accosted in The Pit. Sheesh, we all are open to flaming if we step in here, myself included, but I wouldn’t for one second hold The CR liable for it, not one minute. To me that’s saying to the world “I can’t be held responsible for my own actions, it’s everyone else’s fault how I react, it’s their problem they have 12,000+ members and I am forced to be here…blah, blah, blah.”

To me it’s just a bunch of bullshit and I can’t have respect for those that feel they need to “blame” other’s for actions of another. Like inor could really do anything against the person(s) that he got pissy with.

I seem to always be getting in trouble, even when I’m not trying to get in trouble:)
I see where the big power around here now is though…

If you mess with me, I’ll pay a lawyer a 150 bucks to shoot-off some ridiculous letter to te CR.
[sub]Disclaimer: Any and all previous sentences were not meant as literal “real life” threats. If anything can be construed as such, I implore a mod to edit and erase te offending words.

Wow - you beat me to it Liz. I was thinking of starting the exact same Pit thread earlier, but was ill.

Note that in the ATMB thread techchick68 cited TubaDiva did not say there had been a legal threat–she said that there were “inquiries about this becoming a legal matter[.]” As I pointed out in that thread, this may very well just mean somebody from the Readerheard about the incident and got the heebie-jeebies.

(Or not–my mindreading equipment doesn’t work too well. Just ask my ex-wife.)

I fully agree that anybody who would try to threaten the Readerover a fight on this message board is a fucking idiot. But there are plenty of fucking idiots running around.

Actually, we are all open to flaming if we simply post. Anywhere, any forum. One does not need to actually participate in a Pit thread in order to be roasted over an open flame in same.

Which I think sucks, but that’s beside the point. It is what it is. Open your mouth on the Dope, and you instantly become fair game for Pit roasting.


One sad thing that will never change is that there will always be bawl babies, crybabies, foot stompers, drama queens, attention seekers, whiners, snivelers, pouters, and the general garden variety of totally ridiculous posters who presume wrongly that the SDMB will fall apart without their presence or input.

Nuff said. Take it as you will.

The problem with “If you can’t take it, get out of the Pit” is that some (most?) people who can’t take it don’t know they can’t take it and keep coming back for more. The punchdrunk poster blinks gamely and flails wildly at the sound of the bell, believing that just because they are “back for more” that they can take it.

I don’t know whether anyone threatened to sue the Reader itself over this issue, but that doesn’t mean the Reader wouldn’t become involved in a legal matter involving posts on the board. Simply being called as a witness in a case could be enough of a pain to have the Reader decide that keeping the SDMB running isn’t worth the effort.

I finally found it, I knew I had seen it in the original thread somewhere.

This is the first indication of legal ramifications I can find in either of the threads. It was I hasten to mention not a threat but an attempt to explain to inor why threats of violence where not an acceptable form of communication even when they where issued in the pit.


Who need $150 bucks for a real lawyer? Dummy up a law firm letterhead on your computer! (Wife has used “Nirvana, Nirvana, and Frommage, Attorneys at Law” with surprising success.)

But you can’t say I didn’t warn you people months ago about the possibility of lawsuits coming out of Pit threads.

Wife had best hope that nobody ever investigates the “law firm” of Really Good Cheese, lest she discover the extremely dim view state bars take of practicing law without a license. (Does that sound anal? We’re talking about lawyers here.) My free advice for the day is that you guys can that maneuver before it blows up on you.

Stoid is correct up to a point that posting anything anywhere here is liable to piss somebody off enough to get them to flame…though I would suggest that posting blanket generalizations which are really semi-concealed political attacks on other posters makes angry responses damn near certain. If the Pit didn’t exist, then it would just take place elsewhere (which I mention to head off the “let’s get rid of the Pit” faction). You can’t have a message board such as this and eliminate friction–it won’t work. All you can do is bounce the major troublemakers out.

I was thinking the same thing. Only a total wuss would sue somone over something said on a message board.