What is the deal with some of you people?

Yes I am opening a can of worms and willing to deal with the consequences but some of you baffle me beyond belief.

One makes a post and it’s automatically a front to hide something you believe to be hate or whatever is going on in your minds.


Very rarely do people post things to get under another persons skin, at least I don’t. I fucked up, I admit that, I honestly thought I was in The Pit.

On to other things, why must The Pit be everything about calling the OP a fuckup, a dickhead, a felching goat sucker…whatever. It’s fucked up.

I am bringing this up because I brought up two very benign (sp?) topics two or three weeks ago that ended up in my wanting to pull my hair out and leave the SD, which I pretty much did. I don’t understand why a Pit thread that addresses my dislike for the fact they interupted my football game or my other thread for my dislike for people who use entire posts to quote should become about flaming me back. I find that pretty lame. I started a bitch about something, does it deserve a flame back, no. The topic at hand didn’t support it. A flame should be reserved for assholes that can’t see past the color of skin or people like JDT that believes that rape is not possible. Okay that’s a stretch but still.

Some of you, granted I got pretty hot under the collar, are way too quick on the ass grinding thing. Sometimes some of you can get your panties in a wad over the most stupid bullshit I have ever seen which in turn gets my ass in a tight spot. I got pissed because I can’t believe flaming someone over their thoughts about two very small issues warrants what took place then.

You did it, you set me on defense and I will defend myself as strong as I can. If I am not allowed this please let me know now.

But what I don’t get is some of you that start your flame based on bullshit…both were minor bitches and certain people had to get all worked up over it and flame me, despite the fact they were less than cosmic bitches.

So okay, here’s the deal.

Fuck you all that have to whine about my whining, ignore me then. Fuck you all that don’t realize that I do more than spread shit on the SD and don’t look at the fun threads I try to start, my MSIMS ratio is very much higher than my Pit ratio. Fuck you assholes that think I have other motives.

I am one of the most honest people you people will meet. I can think of two SD people that know me well and know me well enough to tell you I don’t mince words and I will do my damndest to help another being out despite my own problems.

SO, for all you assholes. Get over yourself and realize that there are some nice people out there, like me, that aren’t out to screw you but the moment you become an asshole, people like me will call you on it.
Oh and BTW, I still care about what happens with certain people despite what has been communicated in the past. I don’t write off people, I only hope they realize how wrong they are in their thinking.


Was that necessary, Hamadryad? you could have easily just said nothing at all.

Oh Hama, you are just rolling your eyes over the last interaction you and I had.

Fine, be that way, I never asked you to go beyond what I said but you sure know that part of what I am talking about, it has to do with your last communications with me. Very confrontational.

You had to make a big deal out of my very small bitch…thank you for giving me proof about what I discussed on my OP.

< smile >

Techie, you should have noticed by now that lots of people here (I’m not going to name any names) are very confrontational.
Some don’t like you.
They’ll do whatever they can to get under your skin.

Fuck 'em.

You’re totally right, of course. Now, in the case of idiots and trolls, yes! By all means, flame them! But if you’ve got a gripe, people shouldn’t be paying as much attention to the Poster as to the Post.

But folks is folks. So they’ve got a bug up their butt whenever they see your name? I don’t blame you for getting pissed at that. It’s offensive and insulting.
Be better than that. I’m not going to say “Aww, don’t let it get to you,” 'cause I’m not an idealistic crackpot. I’ll just say that maybe it’s time to give the Pit–and only the Pit–a break. It seems like you’re setting yourself up for getting flamed (though you’re not…it’s just that “anything goes” mindset in the Pit), and perhaps it’s a situation best avoided.

And she wouldn’t have, had you not brought it up again after two weeks.

Techie, listen to me. You know I mean you no harm whatsoever. I think it’s fair to say I can make a pretty unbiased judgment call here. We never clashed in a big way, that I can recall.

Let me just sum up my feelings here:
[li]You make two mistakes in MPSIMS. To be precise, you post that two MPSIMS threads were not pitworthy. Hence, you thought you were in the Pit. I believe this was an honest mistake, as you can see in the “How do you say?” thread now.[/li][li]Doobious suggests, in an appropriate manner, that you should check what forum you’re in before you post.[/li][li]You apologise.[/li][li]Doobious hints that he doesn’t believe you.[/li][li]We’re back to were we were two weeks ago.[/li][li]To top it off, you post another pit thread, drawing attention to yourself. Knowing that people, by now, take offense to that. The OP basically says: “Fuck all that don’t see my motives. I’m not here to bitch. I’m a nice person, and everyone that disagrees is an asshole. So fuck off”.[/li][li]This is precisely what you always do. In fact, you seem to require less and less reasons to start such a Pit thread.[/li][/ul]

So, what’s going to happen now? Well, a few things. First off, a lot of people are going to come in to tell you you’re self-centered, and a whiner, and too thin-skinned. Then, you will get awfully mad at them, tell them to fuck off some more, and end up threatening, just like every fortnight, to leave the Boards.

My question to you, Techie, is simple and clear: why do yuo do this to yourself?

You cannot go on believing that shouting at random, mostly anonymous people is a true solution to the frustrations you experience in your life. Moreover, because there has never been a time that I have seen you vent, and then back away from it. You seem to indulge in this sort of thing, and I for one am completely flabberghasted as to why you do this.

Again, Liz, I wish you all the luck and happiness in the world. But I really feel I must point out to you that you are constantly looking for confrontations in a way that seems, to this totally uneducated psychologist, rather self-destructive.

I hope things will get better for you soon.

Deal? What deal? I never made any deals…

:: shuffling off nervously ::

techchick68 you have been a valuable member of this board for a long time. I respect what you have to say.

That having been said, I am confused about this OP. Is something happening IRL with these posters ? I suppose it is obvious I don’t “get it”. Can you help me understand why you are angry ?

This doesn’t seem like you . . .


Thank you for your sentiments, it’s very much appreciated but it’s people like Hama that I am confronting in this thread.

I laugh at it really, not. I have spent over two weeks not dealing with the SD at all except for a stupid post and a serious post about my computer crashing.

What I am getting at is that there are so many who will only look at a Pit post/thread and create some idea of what type of person you are. I have seen so many people look to the Pit to see what horrible people we want to see.

You know what, I have seen this on my own in other forums. I find it very disheartening, I find it sad that one bases their interactions with people in the Pit and carry that elsewhere in all SD types of interactions. Of course they are unintentionial (sp) things where people misinterperet (sp) things and read into things that are not there.

I have made mistakes, I have owned up to most of those but what I don’t get is the bullshit people pull. I don’t know why they do it.

What good does it do to flame a person for a stupid fucking post that means nothing? I mean really. It’s bullshit, it’s just a means by which to be an asshole.

So what, Joe Schmoo screams in The Pit that their asshole hurts because they rode a horse. Does it do anyone any good to kick their ass and tell them they are fucked up for even thinking that riding a horse was good for them, that they are the asshole that did this to themselves, that the world doesn’t revolve around them because they rode the horse?

I think not. I think it’s bullshit that people take bullshit rants and make it into something it isn’t or was never meant to be. That’s what is chapping my ass.

Okay so later that night I was getting drunk (speaking of the thread two weeks ago)…I admit I was being a pain in the ass but what I don’t agree with is the entire experience of people jumping on my ass over really minor shit.

There has to be a line drawn for people to learn.

Look if it’s a minor rant it does not require that everyone jumps in and forces the OP to sitting on the bonfire bare assed naked.

If the OP is spending energy on a specific person, mod or admin on the SD then people can come out to defend or to oppose the situation but I still don’t get it. Why the fuck would people get their panties in a wad over something as minor as some of the things I brought up? After what I experienced I went off and regret some of my posts but had I been completely sober I would have done a similar thing in a more controlled way, defending myself…I was being stupid, I admit that.

Okay, so I do focus on my issues and my problems…I admit I have a lot of them I am not a particularly happy person, I know this, I wish I was different. So I occasionally bring them to light of the SD or over to the FFF. If you don’t like it, please ignore me. I will try to be just as sympathic towards your problems and willing to help you through your issues if you need it. But don’t sit there and tell me that I kick back on any message board and pull the “whoa is me” bullshit because I don’t, I need to get my issues out and damnit you all are where I turn to get it all out of my system. I am sorry if it offends you, I don’t mean for my problems to offend you but my world will come apart without a place to get it out of my system, which is why I am asking you to ignore me if my posts seem too needy. I am serious when I say I have absolutly no place to get rid of my baggage, my hurts, my pains, my most horrible thoughts. If I offend, please tell me but don’t flame me over stupid crap like my bitch over the news interupting (sp) my football game.

I state what I am feeling when I am feeling it. If it offends people, then I formally apologize. But there has to be a time when people, regardless if it’s the Pit or not need to back off and think that maybe the OP needs to vent for a very good reason. If we don’t get issues off our chests then we end up bottling up all the shit inside and possibly taking that to an extreme.

I don’t mean to bring this to the Pit, I don’t mean to make anyone feel like shit, I do mean to get people to think twice before they post in a Pit thread where someone is in need of venting because they have few if any means by which to vent.

I know there are many people out there like me that are alone and have very few means by which to get out the things that piss them off.

All I ask is that maybe, sometimes, you just blow over the thread before you rip someone another asshole. There are some of us out there that have no where else to turn. I don’t want the SD or any internet situation to be my only means by which to turn to to get out my frustration of life. I don’t want that but it’s all I have at this time.

been to webmd.com, thanks

It probably won’t be appreciated, but here goes.

Techchick, you and I have disagreed in the past. But please understand that I have no ill will toward you. I am not flaming you here, at all. I stopped enjoying flaming people a long time ago. I just want to give you another viewpoint, so that perhaps you can see where others are coming from. I would like to explain how I felt in my interactions with you.

The reason people jump all ove ryour ass is because, in my experiance, you are the first to start a fight. Someone disagrees with you over a minute point, and you wig out. It’s not enough to simply agree to disagree. In one post a while back, we disagreed when you pointed out another poster’s flaws in the Pit and warned that poster to change them. I thought it was something you should have said to a moderator, not something you’d post.

But you would not let it go, even after I said, Fine, whatever. It was as if you wanted to do everything you possibly could, short of looking up my address and flying to Baltimore to beat me with a baseball bat, to make me admit that I was wrong, when I felt I was right. I am always willing to look at other viewpoints and acknowledge that they are different, but that wasn’t enough. I said that I understood your motivations, that I was fine.

Instead of letting the whole thing drop, you kept digging at me with little comments and cruelties that truly hurt my feelings. My disagreement turned into a free-for-all against me. It turned into, “Well, you diagree with me, I hate this and that and everything else about you, everyone join in!” I left the board for nearly two months after that, because I was so upset - I had my SN closed by TubaDiva and took a break.

Look, all I am saying is that sometimes it’s better to sit back, try to understand a person’s motivations, and then type. I’ve done the same thing, and I did it in the thread I’m talking about above. But sometimes you are irrational and cruel above and beyond what the situation warrants.

No one hates you here, I think. I think you have made many valuable contributions, in threads and in posts and in the Wally Banner you made when he passed. I hate feeling that I have to avoid your threads because we had disagreements once. But your attitude in those disagreements left no room for us to forgive and forget.

I hope you believe that these words come from the heart, and are not intentionally hurtful. I hope what I say has some bearing on what you are feeling right now.

I have to leave for work after this post, and I won’t be back until after 10, but I look forward to reading your response.

One, what Coldie said.

Two, I have to disagree that having a disagreement in the Pit carries over everywhere. I’ve had disagreements with several people here. Some of whom I’m friends with now! (Nacho being an example, quite honestly.) And with others, yes, it carried over for a while, but we spoke, worked it out, and now respect each other. So honestly, your basic premise is flawed, IMO.

If someone wants to flame you, who the hell cares? It’s taken me a year to learn that, but dammit, I finally did. I’m SURE there are people on this board who cringe when I post. shrugs Fuck 'em. Now, you SAY this is your attitude, techie. But then you keep starting threads to point out that people don’t like you. SO WHAT? Ignore 'em.

And finally, because this “chaps MY ass,” what line needs to be drawn? None. If you don’t like the way the rant or thread goes, don’t read it. Easy as that.

My sole contribution to this thread, which, having learned MY lesson, at least, I will not reopen, is to offer my email to Liz, Hama, Magda, Sara, and everybody else, as a place where you can yell at each other without hurting each other’s feelings.* I might even read some of the messages, but it is mostly as a padded room where you can Rolf to your heart’s content, since yelling at each other here has produced nothing positive, ever.

    • Hmmmm, roughly three words per comma. That would put me in Bulwer-Lytton territory.

Are you going for some sort of academy award for whining above and beyond the call of duty?

I’ve read through this thread twice now. I almost feel like it’s important that I take a stand on one side or the other. In fact I feel like I should even understand what this is all about. But I don’t. TC68, this is not a flame, but I almost never understand what you’re on about. You complain around a subject, or past grievance, or something that happened off the board but you never say anything concrete on the subject. Kindly illucidate or knock it off. It’s annoying. I know I should probably stop reading your post from now on but with a handle like techchick68, it’s hard to resist - it’s such a cool name.

What, your own personal Pit where you can play the benign mediator, helping all your imaginary friends get along? Dropzone, has anyone ever in the history of the SDMB said “Dropzone said we shouldn’t fight so much, I’m sorry I called you names, I take it all back?” No, I thought not. Thank you, I’ll pass.

I didn’t flame Techie in this thread, just pointed out a place where maybe her venting would more sympathy and fewer yawns.

It is my prediction that a) this thread will be euthanized soon and b) Techchick will be back in a few weeks to throw another flaming paper bag full of crap into the middle of the boards. Rinse, lather, repeat.

Liz -

You and I have never had bad words. I think you know that I have always liked you. Having said that, please don’t think of this as an attack. It is not.

I am not going to retype what he already said so I will just ask you to read Coldfire’s post again and really hear what he is trying to say to you. Sometimes it is hard to see outside your own box, but I do hope you can see what you keep doing to yourself.

You have my e-mail address is you ever want to talk.

You know, I really don’t understand it when people carry grudges like this. And this is all of you. There’s probably a lot of undercurrent going on here, but I mean, I’ve only declared about two or three major vendettas in my life and all of them were over major stuff - life/fortune/sacred honour type of business.

If we expend our forces hating each other over petty shit, we won’t have any energy left to hate people who are really worthy of it.

*Originally posted by magdalene *

Actually, no. I was going to delete the posts without reading them. I don’t have much attention span for that sort of thing. Just a black hole for the vitriol.

Oh, and magda, blow me.