Two possibilities...

There are two possibilities right now.

(1) I have a normal, common-a-garden very common cold

(2) I have rare, previously unknown incurable disease, which upon my imminent demise will be known as istara syndrome

For some reason, (2) is much more reassuring and satisfying.

Does anyone else go through this? I think of it as the Reader’s Digest Medical Manual syndrome, from those times in my childhood when I had a headache or suchlike, and the “rare” disease suggestions in that weighty tome were so much more appealing than the “common causes”.

Yeah i go through that - but for some strange reason no one ever seems to believe me when i claim to have a rare disease :frowning:

Actually three possibilities. The third being much more reassuring and satisfying to the rest of us . LOL

(3) You’re a hypochondriac and there’s nothing wrong at all.

Tell Dr. LadyCarrie all your troubles. :stuck_out_tongue: