Two questions about "Won't You Be My Neighbor?"

We watched the Mr. Rogers documentary. Charming film. I never watched a single episode, but after watching the movie, I feel I missed something good.

But that’s not the question. Throughout the movie, there are recurring short pieces taken from a larger animated short. The film is about Daniel the tiger, and it is used to illuminate how Rogers felt about himself.

Where did this film come from? Was it original to the movie, or was it made for something else? It had the style of possibly late-70s animation.

The second question is technical. In the Daniel film, the shadows aren’t hard drawn, but were done in a pointillist style. The shadows look like film grain “dancing”. I can’t believe someone made all those dots by hand in every frame, but I guess it is possible. I would explain their random movement. Does anyone know how that style of animation is done?

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is a cartoon series produced by Fred Rogers Productions.

That’s not it. The style is wrong. The short in the “Won’t You…” movie was more in the style of something you’d see in the annual “Oscar nominated Short Films -Animation” collection. It’s minimalist and “artsy”. Simple figure, simple background, simplified character movement.

The existence of Young Daniel show makes searching for the other nigh impossible. Every match is for that show. Even if the short was made in the 70s rather than currently, I’m not sure I could find it.

The animation was done by Ariel Costa and Rodrigo Miguel Rangel for the movie.

By their ages and imdb credits is would seem it was new animation for this movie.

That had been my assumption when I saw the film a few weeks ago – the filmmakers created the animated sequences to help tell Fred’s personal story. I didn’t get the sense that they were clips taken from a longer animated film.