Help me find this animated cartoon, please...

I cannot remember the title (assuming I ever noticed it). It is from the era that gave us Little Audrey, Caspar the Friendly Ghost, Gerald McBoingBoing, and Baby Huey; and I saw it a few times when I was a child (probably before 1970).

In my memory the production style is probably closer to Harvey cartoons than to MGM, Warner Bros., or Hanna Barbera. Disney is right out.

The plot concerns a little boy, who, displeased that he has been disciplined, slips into a daydream about how pleasant life would be for him if he were the President of the United States, and no one could tell him what to do. Elements of his daydream included him wearing a top hat, and President of the U.S.A. sash (maybe also a morning coat), the costume he retains for the entire daydream; him sitting in the back of an open limousine during a ticker tape parade in his honor; and a Cabinet meeting which includes him and all of his friends having a party with ice cream sodas.

As the daydream progresses, elements of reality begin to intrude. He is faced with the need to sign endless bills, engage in international diplomacy, and unless I misremember, he gets the country embroiled in a catastrophic war, which, even in his daydreams, he’s unequipped to deal with. He snaps out of the daydream and commences to do his homework, or clean his room, or some other little-boy-appropriate activity.

Does anyone recall this cartoon, and can maybe find a link to it? TIA.

I vaguely remember such a show, but I’ll be damned if I know what it was called.

(Also, is there an cartoon that isn’t animiated?)

It’s not these but maybe this’ll jog your memory: Warner Bros had a few (?) cartoons about a little boy named Ralph Phillips who daydreamed himself into all kinds of situations/predicaments, but it wasn’t a regular TV show.

Editorial and New Yorker cartoons come to mind…

Fair enough, though I would call those comics.

He was only in two. And they were awesome.

You know it, m’man!

“You’ll pay for this, Ralph Phillips.”

He’s an itty-bitty Walter Mitty.