Is there a cartoon-finding database

…that will allow me to find information about a cartoon based on certain keywords?

I remember seeing one when I was a teenager about a little boy who didn’t want to do his homework, and had a daydream about how if he were the President, he wouldn’t have to bother with anything he didn’t feel like.

A scene that sticks in my head is where he and his friends are having a Cabinet meeting. They’re all sitting around a long table in top hats and tails having a party with ice cream sodas.

Not sure of the producers, except that it wasn’t Disney, Warner Bros., or Hanna-Barbera. It COULD have been UPA (ISTR a Gerald McBoing-Boing-esque look to the animation style), or possibly Harveytoons.

Anyway, if nobody here recalls the cartoon, can you at least point me in the direction of some internet detectives who could help me suss it out?


The Big Cartoon Database. It has been around for quite awhile now.

Ralph Phillips?