Two questions really ...

Question one: For those so well versed in dog training. I’ve got two beasties who will not stay off the furniture, and I can’t discipline them in the usual method since they do it while I’m not at home. Any way to curb that? I’m getting quite frustrated with them.

Question two: I’m not sure how many of your SDMBers are all fans of the racing sport World Rally Championship, but I’m a great fan and it’s impossible to get a live broadcast of a race here in America. Does anyone know a link to a web broadcast ( I know there’s a webradio version, but I’m looking for visual ) or even better, know of a station that might carry it?

“No” works well for miss Pepper. Even if you aren’t there, after a while they will get the point that the floor is their place.

I suggest that for your second question, you e-mail a mod and ask to have your thread title changed to something a bit more descriptive–you’ll get a LOT more responses. “Two Questions” doesn’t tell people what’s in the thread, so the person who might know the answer to your question doesn’t even click on it.

This site Link has some really good advice on this topic. Among other things, they say “Odoriferous repellants, such as lemon scented air freshener spray, will make your furniture smell bad to the dog.” I suspect lemon scented furniture polish would work just as well, and last longer, if your furniture has any wood you could polish with it. If not, you could spray it on a rag, and leave the rag on the sofa/chair/bed.