Two questions regarding male urination (not TMI).

[li]When using a urinal, I unzip. However, I’ve noticed that some men tend to unbuckle their belts, unbutton their pants, and unzip. Why the extra undoing of the belt and pants? [/li][li]I wash my hands after peeing because I’m socially compelled to do so, but I don’t really see the point. I know all my male parts are clean, I don’t touch the urinal in any way, and urine itself is sterile. What’s the point of washing hands after peeing?[/li][/ol]

My answer for #2 would be that a public restroom is just inherently a filthy environment. I tend to wash hands before and after I go, but then again I have a bit of a “What About Bob?” complex and only handle the door with a shirtsleeve or a towel.

  1. I wear pants with buttons. It’s easier to unbuckle, unbutton, pee, and rebutton than it is to struggle with the buttons with pants buckled.

  2. Your junk isn’t as clean as you might think. Your urine might be sterile, but your balls carry who-knows-what.

As others have pointed out, your penis is not clean. Nothing that close to your asshole is. Sure, it’s not going to kill you, but it’s still gross. Obligatory Cecil column:

I have boxer briefs without a hole for peeing. When I wear them, I have to unbuckle, unbutton and unzip, otherwise, I won’t empty my bladder fully and I’ll get pee all over the front of my pants.

Even if you haven’t particularly soiled your hands while peeing, this is a fine opportunity to wash off all the gunk that’s been accumulating on your hands since the last time you peed. That is, all the germs/dirt from every doorknob, desk, pencil, keyboard, and other item you’ve been touching for the past few hours. This meshes nicely with the recommendations from public health officials to wash your hands several times a day; if you don’t do it just after whizzing, then you’d end up making a special trip to the bathroom some other time just to wash your hands.

I unbuckle, unbutton and unzip because it lets me just pull down my underwear and pee over the top. I never found the wranglining my penis through the fly on the front of my underwear to be all that convenient. It also makes it easier to tuck in my shirt and make sure everything is arranged properly when I’m finished.

Yeah… Erdosain already posted the Cecil link.

As I always say, if there is one particular body part I don’t want to put into metal teeth, it’s Cobra Commander.

  1. Unzipping alone really only works if you have no underwear or are wearing boxers with a generous flap. Briefs must be pulled down, which is difficult to do just through the unzipped fly. Also, unbuttoning the pants keeps the metal teeth of the zipper away.

  2. People overreact to other peoples germs. Half the people who say its gross have most likely put their mouth on a nearly complete strangers genitals without a second thought.


Do you savor the idea of shaking hands with a dude who’s just been handling his junk? And it sounds like you’re pissing on your hands, if the sterility of urine is your argument against washing. Yuck.

I go commando, so I don’t have the burden of trying to fish through underwear to get to my dick, so I just unzip, pull it out, and go.

And i wash about 70% of the time. depends on how i’m feeling, or how dirty the bathroom is.

What’s so difficult about it? It’s so easy that the five year old child I once was had no trouble managing it - and I was far from the most coordinated kid in the world.

Hasn’t gotten any more difficult in the half-century since then, either. :slight_smile:

Because I tend to drip, I prefer to stand at a toilet, unbuckle, and drop trou. The waist of my pants are now so loose that I don’t need to unbutton or unzip. If I do use a urinal, I unbuckle–to access the zipper–and unzip.

I find it easy to work my penis through the flap on my standard size briefs. I suspect that some guys wear low-rise or bikini briefs that don’t have a big enough flap.

I wash after peeing because I like to wash my hands regularly and that is a convenient time to do it.

This is essentially how I think of it. I mean, I can go to the bathroom without peeing on my hands, but hey, I’m there, and this way I wash my hands several times a day. Certainly people are way too het up about germs, but it also doesn’t hurt to wash your hands a lot to avoid colds.

I’d question whether that’s actually been tested. Cecil asserts it, but makes no mention of any particular study nor is any study actually cited. I’d venture to guess that your hands are probably dirtiest part of your body simply because it’s what touches the outside world the most, but your junk is probably fairly clean and if anything far more bacteria is transferred from your hands to your penis when peeing than the other way around. As far as your hands are concerned, you’ve probably just touched a surface no cleaner nor dirtier than if you were to touch your belly.

As far as #2 (heh), I wash my hands every time I pee just to wash my hands, and thereby cut down on the odds of catching or spreading diseases like the flu.

I think it’s partly the machismo thing about ‘there’s not a flap large enough for my cock’…

The same way that when most guys mime taking a slash (comes up occasionally) they use both hands with a generous grip!