Two Questions

I’ve been looking through this forum, but can’t find anything specific.

Two questions.
[li]Why can’t we edit on this board? Sometimes I post and make a typo, and I’d like to fix it but can’t. I’m anal like that. I know I won’t be a policychanger, but I guess I’m just curious.[/li]
[li]What is considered “trolling” here? It seems this board’s definition of a “troll” is different from other board’s definition of a board “troll”. Someone suggested I was being a “troll” because of an honest question I asked. I can’t see the problem with the question I asked, other than it may have been asked before, or that it was a stupid question in THEIR eyes. I’ve also seen “troll” used in other threads that doesn’t quite fit the context in which I’ve seen “board trolling” used at other boards.[/li][/ul]

Thanks for your time.

Editing is not permitted because of the potential for abuse.

Trolling is defined in the Staff Report What is a troll?

Ok, so it was just their opinion that I was attempting to be annoying or something, because my thread was posted with the best of intentions…doesn’t matter, I told them I was offended.

Doubt they’ll even go back and look though. :\


No worries, LolaBaby. jsleek was way off base, and s/he’s the one who doesn’t understand what a troll is, not you. There’s nothing troll-like about your post.

Thank you, White Lightning. I guess their post, along with the fact that I’m a newbie, and no one else felt it was interesting enough to answer, made me feel quite self-conscious.

I’m trying not to step on any toes here. :smiley: