Two quick liquor questions

First, does anyone know of a website that will give the average retail cost of a bottle of liquor? I’m curios to know how much my liquor inventory adds up to (nothing to exotic, I could probably go to the store and look at them all, but if it was all in one place it would be alot easier)?

Second, is there anyway to determine the age of a bottle by the number on the tax stamp. I’ve got a bottle of Makers Mark, that was my grandparents (who didn’t drink) that I’m estimating to be about 40 years old, but i’d like to know exactly how old it is. I emailed Makers Mark, but I’m guessing they won’t know.

The “average retail cost” will vary pretty widely depending on how taxes are set up, etc. If you just want to get a ballpark figure, it might be easiest to pick a reputable Internet retailer such as Sam’s Wine and look at their prices.

No idea about the age question.