Two second-grade girls stabbed and killed, way too close to home....

That guy just looks like a killer, maybe it’s the Neanderthal brow line.

Sorry, no offense meant to Neanderthals.

The news is saying that he like did this because the girl’s mother gave her a one day reprieve from being grounded on mother’s day. He saw her out when she was supposed to be grounded, and killed her and her friend.

I wonder what she was being grounded for originally. Not that it is really pertinent. I had a friend who used to get grounded for really trivial things ( being 30 seconds late from her 45 minute walk that was the only free time she was allowed) and then the grounding extended for other trivial infractions, some beyond her control (your friend tried to call you, you are grounded for another week.) This made me think of her.

Wow, the punishment for violating your grounding is death for you and your friend? And I thought my parents were strict!

I am not trying to be flip about the murder of two little girls but if that is what the sperm donor (he’s not a father) is trying to use as an excuse for what he did or for what “set him off”, it’s not a very good one.

Well then. Let’s give him his very same form of justice. Fry the bastard.

According to the news reports I heard this a.m., the girl had been grounded for stealing some petty cash from her mother.

I am an opponent of the death penalty, but cases like these make it difficult to stick to that position.

As long as he’s not grounded first.

I think you have to be grounded for it to work. (Yea, I got the pun)

So, were pamphlets put out across the neighborhood that a dangerous potential serial killer was moving to the community? Wait, we’d much rather chase away 18 year olds who slept with their 17 year old SO …

It should be guys like this who are locked up forever. He’d messed up too many times to be thought capable of reform by any sane person.

My eyes bugged out when I read the story, and him trying to claim that the other little girl pulled the knife on him first and he had to “wrest” it away from her. So I guess he was just trying to protect himself, poor guy.

At least, he’ll never get out of prison this time.

The poor man obviously has issues. He should be remanded to my custody. I’m sure I could fix him.

The death penalty in Illinois is so weak now, that putting him in general population may get rid of him faster then him sitting in death row for 20 years.

“There’s nothing wrong with you that I can’t fix… with my hands.”

The death penalty in Illinois is under a moritorium because it was found that we were convicting people of crimes they did not commit and then sentencing them to death. The moritorium was started by a republican and has been continued under the current governor. No matter how you feel about the state killing people, I hope we can agree that the state should not kill people for crimes they did not commit.

There is not really that question in this case, he confessed.

The fact that he went to prison for chasing his neighbors (i think) with a running chain saw makes me wonder who thought it was a good idea he move back with them to serve out his parole. I hope they’re able to study this guy’s brain after he’s gone. Maybe there’s something in there that will explain his broken self. The thought of that degree of rage bubbling inside of some people chills me to the bone.

I thought you got electrocuted when things weren’t properly grounded? Oh well, thanks for noticing the pun anyway.

Ever heard of Marcus Wesson? Well, if not here’s a slew of articles (basically in his house they found 9 of his family members (all somehow related to him through incestual unions) murdered… Ages of the victims? Three were under one years old, four were younger than nine, and the other two were 17 and 24). This happened about a year ago and less than a quarter mile from my exboyfriend’s house, about 18 miles from my house. I live in a small redneck kind of town (high school population = 500), and this area seems to be the brewing area for crystal meth labs and child molestation. Not only that, but people will kill someone in Fresno and then drag their bodies out here, using this area as a dumping ground. When I was in high school they found a corpse half a mile from my house. About a month ago they found a woman left for dead in the middle of the street who had been raped and dumped 3.5 miles from my house.

The reason I said all of this? I know exactly how you feel, because everyday I’m confronted with another crime that has been committed within a 5 miles radius of my house… And sometimes they are huge crimes.

Please don’t move anywhere near me.

Hey, crime doesn’t follow me… :confused:

So Mr. Shithead was in prison for chasing his girlfriend and others through the trailerpark (yes, trailerpark) with a chainsaw (yes, in Texas) and was stopped when one of the neighbors hit him in the back of the head with a shovel. So then when the fuckwad gets out, he moves to Illinois to live with girlfriend and daughter.

This is such a fucked up mess with so many people to be pissed at I really don’t know what to say.

And, I’m just waiting for his lawyer to try an insanity plea that rests on that blow to the head with the shovel.

Let us find his shovel-wielding former neighbor and kick the shit out him for doing such an inadequate job.