Two stupid computer questions - Windows, MS Works

First question - I’m using MS Works spreadsheet. I enter info into several fields. Now I’m ready for the next line. How do I get to the first field in the next row? I hit enter, then have to back tab all the way back. I know there’s a better way to do this. I knew how to do it in other spreadsheet programs (Paradox, anyone?) but MS Works has me stumped.

Second question - I hit alt-tab-delete to shut down programs running in the background. I see things I recognize. But I also see things I don’t recognize. Is there anyway to find out what these programs are? It seems like everything I do these days starts something running in the background. I played briefly with Microsoft Greetings and ended up with two programs running in the background. I knew I could get rid of them, but some of this other stuff baffles me.

I know these are pretty silly things to ask about, but I’m tired of sitting at my computer yelling, “Stupid! Stupid!” (No, I’m not yelling at myself. I’m yelling at the computer. It’s the computer’s fault I can’t figure out really simple things.) I’m also tired of trying to punch the “Left Find” key. I vividly remember computers having a “Left Find” and a “Right Find” key, but at this point I’m probably just hallucinating.

For your first question, I ain’t got no idea. Perhaps you have already tried these, but I would try somthing like Home Ctrl+home or Shift+Home, Ctrl+Shift+Home.
As for the second question, try running the program msconfig.exe it comes with Win '98 ('95 too??) and open Startup tab in this program. You get a list of every program (and its path) that start @ Windows startup.
Or, you can download this nifty little program called ATM (Another Task Manager). ATM list almost everything you would ever not want to know about your programs and the way the run. It also lists the complete path of each program.