Two unrelated Matrix questions.

Except the movie trope that the guy giving an exposition or backstory dump is telling the truth.

So this IS the real world, and we aren’t really in the Matrix! Hooray!
Unless the Machines have just learned to be more subtle…

…From a certain point of view.


When watching the first movie it occurred to me that not only were the host bodies for the agents innocent people killed for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, every single normal person Neo and Trinity kill is just a working stiff passing time until they can go home, they have no clue what is going on and assume Neo and crew are dangerous criminals.

Now this is easily dismissed as acceptable and unavoidable losses but still, those security guards killed using gunplay and acrobatics are going to get flushed and turned into human chow to feed everyone including the kids who they won’t be coming home to tonight.

How does the kids thing work anyway? When two coppertops get together, do the machines extract the guy’s semen and implant it in the lady or is it really all just random and when they grow another kid they pick a random couple having “sex” and just hook that kid’s avatar into her virtual womb?

And why do people have to look like their avatars anyway?

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I’m not aware of any EU stuff that deals with it so this is a WAG but.

Presumably people do at least have control over this, I assume that when a couple has sex some kind of probability is thrown and depending on the outcome they will use genetic material from the two of them to create the baby which will come online once it is “born” inside the matrix. Unless one or more partners has already been given the sterile attribute, one assumes miscarriages might be the result when the IV baby just doesn’t take etc. All depending on whether the machines need more or less new people which could change the probability etc.

There might be a reason avatars do in general resemble their pod peeps, but they need varied appearances so why complicate it further?

I wonder if the matrix is really worldwide(at least to the best of the machine’s
capabilities) so you know like Andaman islanders? Are they present in the matrix?

Example: what if I came up with a story where Neo’s biological great-great-grandfather was someone named John Connor? Wold that make for some good prequels? :wink:

Yeah, killing innocent people just because of the possibility of being taken over by agents always bothered me too.

:eek: Holy crap. I have mixed emotions about that. It could be great material or it could be a disaster.

With the current crop of studio executives, producers, and directors, I’m going for disaster.

Impossible, because for the machines to win and go on to create the matrix they have to wipe John Connor from the timeline first. :stuck_out_tongue: