Two warnings, one offence

Aspenglow’s mod node was at 6:17 UK time and What exit’s warning was at 10:20, that’s 4 hours Ann had to see the note.

I don’t care about this, but it is frustating to see Peter’s comments being so badly miscomprehended.

Sigh, this is very simple.

Aspenglow gave instructions as follows : “To others in this thread, please stop responding to this thread hijack. Thanks.”

Several hours after this instruction, Ann posted a response to the hijack. And then a moment later, she deleted it.

Bobot, so I guess the answer to my question is no, you’re not reading all the posts here.

You’re being consistently wrong on this issue because you’re missing things both here and in the other thread. That’s okay, that happens. It happens to me all the time, so I’m no better than you are, and when I screw up I apologize and move on. I suggest you do the same.

Thank you for your support. I’ve gotten some criticism.


And that is acceptable.

There have been numerous cases where it was ruled unacceptable.

Anyway, to be clear, I’m not advocating that Ann should get a warning, I’m pointing out that the other guy was treated too harshly, and inconsistently. I’m not even disputing that he should have got one warning.

Does it make any qualitative difference if it’s two warnings or one? I’m not one to rack up warnings, but I wouldn’t give half a shit if I got three for a post of mine instead of a warning and a couple mod notes. It’s not like there’s a scorecard system that once you get X amount of warnings, you’re outta here or something like that, is there? Isn’t the whole posting history considered? If you’re being an insufferable jackelope and piss over ever poster and thread you encounter, it doesn’t matter whether that one time you got two warnings instead of one, your posting privileges will be under review. And if you’re generally a good poster, nobody will care if you got double warned and two demerits on your permanent record at the SDMB. You’re cool.

I’ll give you a little hint, changing or deleting a post within minutes is not unacceptable. Not sure what you remember seeing, but I’m sure the circumstances were different.

We don’t allow weird games of posting something horrible and then deleting on a regular basis, but a post that is clearly removed as it was being written as a warning or modnote was posted, is not an issue at all.

Correct, no 3 strikes and your out rule. Posting history is absolutely considered and usually more important than X got N warnings in the last T years.

Just for the record: two separate flags; two (at least) distinct offenses; two warnings.

Actually, for me, it’s @Hari_Seldon 's last point that makes it for me. Giving him a warning for both behaviors means that both are noted for patterns, which is important going back to -

Having a warning for disregarding Mod instructions and Insulting other posters means that if 4 weeks from now they get another warning for one of the two above, the pattern is clear, where otherwise it may not be obvious.

Nope. Makes absolutely no difference at all in the grand scheme of things.

Is this just slippery fingers, or is there a hidden number code?

Slippery fingers. It happens frequently with me. I usually spot them and correct them before posting, or within the edit period.

So you are able to post more than “Done” in ATMB threads. Since you are already participating in this thread why don’t you explain your many modding mistakes here, since you didn’t seem to be able to reply in those threads.

I also would be more likely to believe Aspenglow’s defense of you if I didn’t know for a fact that you have done the double warning thing before and just blew it off when it was brought to your attention. And that one occurred almost 24 hours after the original warning.

And you are not getting “some criticism”. People, me included, don’t think you should be a mod at all. If you paid attention to the ATMB threads about your modding you would know this. Please stop hiding behind your mod shield and engage with the people that have questions about your mod decisions. Every other mod does, why are you so special? The last ATMB thread about your behavior, no one could even understand what you were talking about in your mod note. Not even any of the other mods claimed to understand it. You make yourself look worse every time you avoid explaining yourself. How are people supposed to follow your instructions when nobody can understand them?

Once again, it is not the fact that she deleted her post that’s wrong. What’s wrong is the fact that she ignored a mod order given 4 hours previously. Deleting the post doesn’t eliminate the breach of rules.

I’m remembering a case where somebody posted a certain ethnic slur, then edited his post a minute later. It was visible for only a few seconds. He was suspended for it, IIRC. Changing a post does not change a breach of rules. I think you know the incident, and if you don’t ask the other mods.

That was a more serious case, but the principle is the same.

Got a link, since you brought it up?

You are once again wrong.

Deleting the post did eliminate the breach of the rules in this case. This happens often here. Hell, it is the reason I often close threads for a short time while trying to determine what modding need to be done.

Your example is exactly what I said it was, a different situation. The ethnic slur was a lot more than a belated compliance to a modnote/warning. I do vaguely recall it, but not the details.

I don’t have a link, but I recall moderating someone years ago for basically doing just that.

Of course, that’s clearly a wildly different scenario than the one under discussion.

I have myself made a post that violated a mod note because I had not seen it, then deleted it when I realized the issue. I’ve seen other posters do this sort of thing as well. Heck, I’ve seen them come back and apologize because it was too late to delete the post, saying they would have had they seen the note.

In none of these cases was a Warning offered. The only time a deleted post matters is if the mods think you intentionally wrote something bad to let the other person see it before deleting it. Or, in that one case where the post was deleted several hours later when that should not have been possible.

Exactly, better said that what I posted.