Two Weeks Notice to Organise School Reunion

AND it is being held at my house!!

I put in an offer about 6 months ago to help organise a function for past students of my highschool. The deal was I now live in Victoria but graduated from high school in Queensland which is two states away. I was unable to make it to Queensland for some big 10 year anniversary thing so I sent an email saying “hey can we do something in Victoria”.

After much to and froing the alumni association have sent me an email telling me that there will be a function in two weeks time at my house. :eek:

Thank god I had nothing else planned for that weekend. Its going to be a BYO food kinda deal and the school is going to pay for chair/table hire.

What else do I need to organise? More toilet paper of course and I’m praying for good weather so it can be held outside.

It will be kinda fun meeting people and seeing what they are doing now :slight_smile: