Tycho Brahe

In my physics class my senior year in high school, our teacher went in to a much more elaborate description of Tycho’s death. He got himself in to a drinking contest with someone and died when his bladder burst. Any truth to this?

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Did astronomer Tycho Brahe really have a silver nose? (17-Jul-1998)

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Yet another theory! qoncept, take a gander at this thread: Tycho Brahe’s untimely, but hilarious, death

FWIW, I read that the story about Brahe dying as the result of not wanting to leave the table did not appear until over 50 years after his death.

What I meant to say was that while it did not dispute the ruptured bladder story, it cast doubt on the cause of it, and that Brahe had apparently been suffering from some urinary tract infection even before the feast.