Typewriters Rule! Computers, er, don't.

So recently I came into possession of an antique manual typewriter. It was my grandfathers-a (HS) graduation gift from his parents- and since he’s quite dead now, and no one else wanted it, it’s mine. I honestly have become addicted to using this thing, they’re great!
I mean, I love computers and all-and the ability to spell check and edit what I’ve written is a Godsend-but theres something just inherently more satisfying about writing on a manual typewriter.
Am I right, or just being wierd again?

So, how’d you get this online? I’m guessing it wouldn’t have been as satisfying to type it on a piece of paper and sit around waiting for someone to come read it. :wink:

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I’m thinking you must have a super powered typewriter with a cable connection?

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Oh please. I think it’s quite obvious that I first wrote this out on the typewriter, then copied it to the computer to post it. Just like reading it over the phone to someone. Computers can be used to communicate well, or passably well, but they’re inferior for writing. And I’d definitly be interested in one of those internet capable typewriters if you know where I could get one…

I needed to buy a used typerwriter just to complete in triplicate some court forms. sigh.

yep, we make major computer-controlled systems & we have typewriters all over the office. for the few labels, envelopes, or forms we have to do, it just isn’t cost effective to set up a program or a template. the t.w.'s are electric w/ an 8k memory, but they are still typewriters.

gave the ancient (maybe 1920) remington i got at the salvation army to one of my kids. one is a sysadmin at mindspring & still likes to use the t.w. occasionally.

i think it’s the clunky sound. that alone was so appealing on the old i.b.m. keyboards that other companies use it even tho there are simple ways to muffle the noise.

Bah. You probably do all of your spreadsheets on an abacus too.

A friend of mine has a program that plays a little typewriter “click” sound whenever she hits a key, and a “ziiiip” sound whenever she hits enter. She is the only one here that is amused.

Computers have let mankind make mistakes faster than any other invention, with the possible exception of tequila and handguns.

I kind of like pens. Fountain pens & ballpoint. Mechanical pencils are Neat-O, too. And nothing beats the electric high-speed erasers.

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Computers have great typerwriter fonts. There was a time about a year back when ads on tv were almost all in typewriter fonts…they have fonts that duplicate a dirty Royal typerwriter…

I have one of those internet capable typewriters, I think. It’s a Brother Word Processor, it cost about $300 2 years ago. I got it before I got my first PC, and yes, I could do email with it, and a little bit of the Internet (though I never really got the hang of that.) I hooked it up to a generic external modem. My ISP was GEnie, though I don’t even know if they still are around. I am curious sometimes if I can get the thing online again (or at least do email.) Since I have a Compuserve account, and I hear that perhaps Compuserve could connect with my little word processor, I guess I need to give them a call…hmmm…

Anyway, about typewriters, yes, I like 'em too. And I still use my Brother Word Processor, since I am between printers on my PC.

I have a crappy daisywheel typewiter. I still used it less than ten years ago to type up material I would then fax. It would erase entire words at a time. It was pretty quick to do subscripts and superscripts. Every time they come and update Word at work I have to make tools for that.

Every word of this post is written in pencil, by my own hand…

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wish i could use an abacus. do you know how hard that is?! & accurate when you know how to do it.

i took every math class they had when i was in high school, including slide rule. no abacus courses, however.

of course, back then you had to make your own. kill the mastodon, carve the tusks, put in the black marks w/ ashes from the firepit. it wasn’t as easy as you might think.

I have a very profound relationship with my backspace and arrow keys.

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Just don’t get me started on my linear-tracking turntable! (::grooving to a scratchy ELO album: :slight_smile:

And let’s say (hypothetically, of course) one were to leave her husband and not get custody of the linear tracking turntable, where would she then find another? eBay?

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husbands on ebay? could be. they sell anything there. try doing a search.