Tzatziki Sauce substitute?

I’ll eat watermelon occasionally if it’s there but don’t really enjoy it (although, if you soak watermelon cubes in pineapple juice, they’re really good). Every time I see honeydew melon pieces in a fruit salad, I think “They look so good” and try it…and then think “Yuk”. Cantaloupes are disgusting to me. Generally I’m not a fan of melons although cantaloupe is the only one I really can’t stand the taste of.


Because I didn’t have hummus or tahini at the time and thought something tsatziki-ish would work. And plain falafel is kinda dry and gross–remember I was baking them, not frying them.

BTW: one thing I did try (I baked like 100 of those damned falafel balls–they froze well though) is a mix of shiracha sauce and mayo. If you stuff pita with some falafel, lots of lettuce and onion and drizzle the above mix in, it’s really good. The heat of the shiracha really compliments the other ingredients.

I’ve seen watered down mayo used by gyro carts :frowning: