U.K. Toy Soldiers Question.

In the 1970s, my late Brother, Andy & I used to collect toy soldiers.

There was a particular brand, that was very detailed, & used a bright green metal base. They were made/marketed in/from the United Kingdom.

We had a set of Queen’s Guards, and US Civil War soldiers, as well as Roman Legionnaires.

Andy is dead, and I cannot recall the brand.

Do any UK or Toy Collector Dopers know the name of the brand?


Airfix maybe, Bosda?

Doesn’t sound right.
After Google Imaging–no.
Airfix has a dull green base, rounded.
These were more rectangular, & vivid green.

Britains Deetail?

Spot-on perfect.
And the Romans were a different brand, too.

Many thanks.

No probs! :slight_smile: I just did a google search for “british brand toy soldiers 70s” and the wikipedia article for Britains Deetail came up. Then I did an image search on the brand to see if it matched your description.