U.S. Bombing Kills Several in Afghanistan Doctors Without Borders Hospital


The United States is supposed to have the best technology–yet it keeps killing so many innocent civilians.

Stuff happens.

If you are working in a warzone, then you have a higher than average chance of being killed. It doesn’t take an Einstein to figure that one out.

Yes, it’s terribly unfortunate, but warfare is not an exact science, no matter what you might think of modern technology. Yes, it’s rotten that the doctors and some patients were killed, but sometimes, as toofs suggested, shit happens.

When you can come up with a totally foolproof method that will only target the bastards whilst leaving the innocents untouched, then come back…with evidence, and pie!

A press release from Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières)

I bet there were hospitals in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, too.

The United States has been in Afghanistan for more than a decade. That is plenty of time to map the location of hospitals and other areas which should not be bombed.

I look forward to such sanguinity next time terrorists blow up a hospital in America.

Well said.

Every effort is made to only bomb military targets. But targeting mistakes happen. We may have deliberately been given the wrong targeting information. A trap. We just don’t know what happened and what went wrong.

We weren’t the ones that invaded this city a week ago. We are just trying to defeat those bastards and return it to Afghan control. The blame belongs to the Taliban for invading Kunduz .


How do you know?

Its well known the US spends a lot of money on precision smart bombs. We don’t use cluster bombs like Russia is allegedly using in Syria.

But even precision bombs can go wrong with the wrong targeting information. I don’t know who provided it in this case. But quite obviously a tragic mistake was made or we fell into a very clever trap designed to get us condemned world wide.

It’s almost like not every effort was made to avoid blowing up the wrong people.

Difference being that this was accidental.

Of course, America’s Allies have always vied for the position of honour fighting in front of Yank forces.
A Baptism of Fire indeed.

Mistakes still happen, though. After all, “to err is human.”

That’s life.

I hope this unfortunate incident raises the Afghan demand that US troops leave.

I’m sure the Taliban agree.

No doubt the US will stop bombing for awhile. Giving the Taliban free reign to overrun Kunduz. They’ll have the whole damn country overrun (again) in 2 years.

why should we help again? fuck them. We’ve lost enough men and money in that place. maybe after thirty years or so the Afghans will get sick of the Taliban and rebel.

We were there trying to help the liberation of Kunduz. Targeting errors happen and the whole world condemns us. Time to pack up and leave it to them.

Latest update on the investigation. The bombing is being investigated by several organizations.They’ll get to the truth.