U.S. getting closer to Bin Laden capture


Just in time for October. What a surprise! :rolleyes:

Would you prefer that he wasn’t caught? Does your rancor towards Bush so cloud your opinions that you would prefer Bin Laden to get away because of the proximity to the election?

That’s just pathetic.

Myself, I would have preferred that he was caught in Tora Bora. I think that the fact that nobody is held accountable for failing to do so then is pathetic.

Of course we want him caught. However, the conspiracy theory prediction and this news is quite a coincidence.
You know, a few years ago I thought just about all government conspiracy theories were ridiculous. But now with the Bush administration in office I have found I feel I wouldn’t put anything past them. I find it very sad I don’t trust my president.

Doors, I’m a Conservative, and I used to be a Republican. But what the current Administration is doing to my party upsets me more than a little bit. I have no rancor towards Bush. I dislike intensely the people he has as advisors, and the elements he has allied himself with. Subtle, they ain’t.

Likely we’ll soon here more of this:

Bah. Find me a cite that’s not from Republican Central Media Command, excuse me I mean FOX News, and maybe I’ll believe capture is imminent.

Well, even though Faux News has the story, the story is actually by the Associated Press (author: Matthew Pennington. Here is another cite, if you like:



Note:* I will certainly not try to argue that Fox News is not afilliated with Republican Central Media Command.* :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow. I think silenus and I are soul brothers. Socially, I agree with Bush on almost every issue. But I can’t stand the way he’s whored himself out to Big Business. And I’ve never believed his reasons for invading Iraq.

Recently, I’ve been reading a lot of stories about how they think Bin Laden is more of a figurehead than a real commander. It seems to me like they’re trying to downplay his importance in case they don’t capture him.

A large part of me want OBL to be captured the day after the election.

Yet Kerry’s the flip-flopper.

FYI, Elvis, it’s been pretty much established that the second quote in your post is not accurate.

In any case, this stinks to high heaven. If you ask me, it seems more likely that there’s no progress at all, and this announcement is pure campaign propaganda.

Either that, or he’s already in custody, and they’re setting the stage for the big announcement, just in time for election day.

If we knew where he was, we would have caught him.

We’re likely to catch him eventually, but untill we actually have him in hand, then talking about how eminent his capture is is simply rhetorical bullshit.

It’s a non-issue.

Really? But the third one, from the same day and expressing the same sentiment, is legit?

There you have it. Bush has to appear to be a strong leader in the war on terrorism etc., but his indifference toward catching Osama (as demonstrated by his pulling troops from Afghanistan) is going to bite him if he can’t hide it in a smokescreen.

Naw, thet would be cutting it too close - he needs a big boost now. Plus, no secret that big could be kept this long. People do talk.

The article seems remarkably content-free. I don’t see anything to persuade me that OBL isn’t dead.

Wolf? :eek: Where?

There wolf.

The capture of OBL is about as meaningful as the capture of the kingpin in a South American drug cartel. Ten men are ready to step forward the moment he falls. All his capture (and our celebration) would mean is that America can’t think strategically and proves OBL to be a grandmaster chessplayer. In all likelihood, OBL’s capture (or death) will be a powerful recruitment tool for international terrorism. Heads or tails, we lose.

Zawahiri, Zarqawi, Osama and Omar are all still free. If anyone is duped into voting for that incompetent ass in the White House on the basis of any of these guys being caught in the next two months, it’ll only prove that PT Barnum was wrong: he wasn’t cynical enough.

That’s an argument against fighting al-Qaida at all.

One, I might add, most intelligent people would reject as an option.

And maybe we did a few months ago when the rumor was flying around. Who was Prisoner XXX anyway? Did we ever find out?