U.S. Rep Tom DeLay Fights Ignorance!

Don’t send your kids to Baylor or A&M

Gotta agree that I can’t imagine wanting to be an Aggie and I’m not too sure about Baylor chicks either, but thanks to Tom DeLay we now have another reason to avoid these schools.

Responding to a question criticizing the lack of creationism education in Texas universities:

That’s right, we need more godly education. We don’t be needin this scientific crap, just all God, all the time. Praise Jesus!!!

I am SHOCKED! But, it seems his daughter wasn’t that appalled since we went on to graduate from A&M. What’s up with that, Mr. DeLay?

DeLay also has figured out the cause of the Columbine shootings.

AMEN to that! Better to teach our kids to be glorified ignoramuses instead.

THANK YOU Mr. DeLay for fighting the good fight against ignorance. You make me proud to be a redneck, motherfuckin Texan. YEEHAW!

As a Fightin’ Texas Aggie Class of '92, I can attest that just as often as this happening … gasp … women spent the night in men’s rooms. Of course I won’t even comment on what when on in the homes of those of us who lived off campus. Scandalous

Fuck off, Aggie boy. You ovbiously didn’t get a proper godly education, so your opinion don’t mean nuthin to me.

Good God, Baylor isn’t up to DeLay’s standards? It’s a Baptist university, for pete’s sake!

Yeah, Baylor Baptist is what it was called way back in the dark ages when I was a kid. It was for that reason my father sent my sister there–I will not comment on the outcome.
As for as the Aggies go, well, you have to give them credit for developing a new style parachute–it opens on impact. But seriously folks, it was the PC movement that made Texas A & M what it is today–in the past, it was an all-male school with a decidedly homophobic R.O.T.C. military flavor. At least, that was what my late gay cousin told me, after his father sent him there “to make a man of him.”

Go, Red Raiders.

You think that’s bad. I bet I can cause a dogpile on Delay with this article from The Washington Post.

In it, Delay says that only Christianity…well, heck, let him say it:

In addition, he states that he pursued impeachment because Clinton held “the wrong worldview”.

The speech was given to about 300 members of a Church but a recording made it to the ‘American’s United for Seperation of Church and State’ and thence to the Post.

He’s backpedalling now…
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Thanks for the link to the Post article.

I thought this was cute:

I thought that Baylor had gone to hell ever since they allowed dancing . . .

Strangely enough, I note that DeLay has a degree in biology from the University of Houston. Was he not paying attention, or what?

It should be noted (amid the much deserved scorn) that DeLay actually suggested that his concerned Christians simply find alternative places to get their kids schooled and did not (on this occasion) call for the imposition of Creationism on the Aggies (or even on the private Baylor).

I read the WP article, very frightening. Last summer their magazine ran a profile on him; it merely confirmed my belief that he’s one of the 5 most repulsive elected officials in America today. So I guess European leaders aren’t the only anti-Semites, eh december?

Baylor alum checking in. When I was there, I did my fair share of carousing; one wonders what DeLay had to do to get kicked out.

LIke this doesn’t happen at every school. I went to a Christian (Well, CATHOLIC) college, and I remember someone being expelled for having his girlfriend spend the night in the dorms. I know, you may not agree, but hey-it’s a private school, their rules.

Plus, the first semester my cousin was there, she was always kicked out of her room in the middle of the night by a roommate who wanted to get it on with her boyfriend. Lovely, eh?

They should send their kids to Jesuits schools.

Thank the lord my representative is Ken Bentsen (before that I lived in Sheila Jackson Lee land). We are looking for a new house, and if we venture too far west, I end up in DeLay land. No freakin way I’m gonna live somewhere where Tom DeLay speaks for me. Ugh. The man is truly, truly a menace to our governance.

Oh, and hook 'em.

Well, OK perhaps not on this occasion, but I find this quote from the Washington Post Magazine pretty telling:

emphasis mine.

Just wanted to rejoice in the incredible sense of pride and freedom that comes from knowing that Tom DeLay, that pesticide-pumping, Bible-thumping pile of dung is no longer my Congressman!!!

Free at last!!!

Even the"glorified apes who have evolutionized out of some primordial soup of mud" (it tends to flood a lot around Pearland) must eventually be embarassed by this dumbshit.

Hint: Go join Dick Armey and Phil Gramm in retirement. Play lots of golf.

I just wanted to say, for the record, that my first makeout session occurred at Baylor. No, I wasn’t a student, I was there for a workshop.

I did find the Bible-verse graffiti in the bathroom stalls to be a bit unnerving, however.


This almost makes me want to move to this guy’s district so I could vote for whoever runs against him.

It’s late, and I read that as “primate school.”

I thought it was funny, anyway.

Oh, and Tom DeLay is a loon.

No kind words for DeLay here either, but he doesn’t get attention in a vacuum, either, ya know. This is the guy the GOP has elected as its House whip, the third-ranking position, and he’s likely to be the party leader in the next term. It also seems likely that he’s actually calling the shots in the House, Hastert being his choice for Speaker knowing he himself would be too radioactive after his prominent leadership of the failed, antidemocratic get-Clinton-and-his-“wrong-worldview” impeachment effort.

Nope, DeLay himself isn’t the problem here, and neither is the prevalence among the electorate of lunacy such as he espouses. Allowing him to act as a lightning rod serves other interests, and we shouldn’t go along with it.

Dick Armey, whisling as he walks out the the door: See ya later, Tom. Don’t forget to lock up behind you.