Tom DeLay, the American people await your retraction

On Meet the Press, which aired at 10:45 am on Sunday, December 21, Majority Asshole Tom DeLay said the following:

MR. RUSSERT: General Wesley Clark [said that] the focus should have been on Osama bin Laden…

REP. DeLAY: Well, Tim, I got to tell you, sometimes–you know, it’s harder to find Osama bin Laden than it is to find–or it’s easier to find Osama bin Laden than it is to find Wesley Clark’s foreign policy… What we have gotten is we’ve destroyed [UBL’s] network. The president took the war to them in Afghanistan. We’ve upset the al-Qaida networks to the point that they can’t do anything right now. And we’re still after Osama bin Laden, at the same time we went into Iraq and did a magnificent job in Iraq, at the same time we’re dealing with terrorists in the Philippines and terrorists around the world, and at the same time we’re protecting the American people here at home. Pretty good accomplishment.


Fortunately, just hours later, Secretary Ridge provided ample evidence that you are a lying shitbag:

"Today, the United States Government raised the national threat level from an Elevated to High risk of terrorist attack – or as more commonly known, from a Yellow Code to an Orange Code… The U.S. intelligence community has received a substantial increase in the volume of threat-related intelligence reports. These credible sources suggest the possibility of attacks against the homeland around the holiday season and beyond. The strategic indicators, including al-Qaida’s continued desire to carry out attacks against our homeland, are perhaps greater now than at any point since September 11th, 2001. Recent reporting reiterates and this is a constant stream of reporting, that al-Qaida continues to consider using aircraft as a weapon. **And they are constantly evaluating procedures both in the United States and elsewhere to find gaps in our security posture that could be exploited. Our actions, our considerable actions, are directed against their efforts. **


Mr. DeLay, the American people – including the lady who ran out of my office building (in Our Nation’s Capital, BTW) this morning when a routine fire alarm went off – await the full retraction of your remarks concerning the demise of al Qaeda.

More than that, it would be only fair to resign after it being so clearly exposed that you are a lying sack of shit that puts political advantage over telling the American people the truth about their security from crazed, armed terrorists who could very well be, at this moment, working to kill thousands of us.

If our country is ever to make progress in stopping these evildoers, we had first better rid ourselves of the dead weight in our government who don’t take terrorism seriously. Tom DeLay, you dishonest partisan horsecock, you clearly find Democrats more of a threat to your well-being than Al Qaeda. You, Mr. Fuckface DeLay, ought to be the first of the dead weight to be kicked out on your ear, because you clearly have no sense of the state of our national security. Fuck you.

Any attention that can be drawn to Mr. DeLay (R, Undead) is a boon to the Republic, and I commend your effort. Other than that, we might follow his slime trail with a salt shaker and see if that old story about dissolving slugs is true.


What retraction?

Any American with half a brain knows he’s a lying shitbag already, and therefore no retraction is necessary.

Any American without half a brain isn’t going to believe it, and therefore no retraction is necessary.

Gotta love politics…

Tom DeLay is a loathsome bottomfeeder who would sell his mother into prostitution if it meant success for the GOP. That much is plain. But the people you should blame are the moronic fundies from his district who continue to re-elect him. In a democracy, people get the government they deserve.

I would also say that characterizing the job in Iraq as “magnificent” is rather an overstatement.

Not to defend DeLay, but do you have evidence that he knew what Ridge was going to say? Maybe DeLay believes what he said because he’s a moron who isn’t properly informed. Anyway, I get the feeling some of you would be pitting him for shrieking his head off about AQ if he had said the opposite of what he did say.

Bwaahaaa! I get it! I get it Tom! We should make light of the fact that a terrorist responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans is still on the loose!

But wait a second, are you saying the focus *shouldn’t * have been on Osama?

Wait a second, are you trying to allude that a war on Iraq was an attack against Al-Q?

He takes on the French in the article too. The guy really is an idiont.

I was watching that yesterday as well. I was yelling at the TV so much I needed to change the channel lest I would have smashed it with bottle.

There are only really two options here: 1) he was putting out a political message that Republicans have won the war on terrorism because Al Qaeda has been defeated; or 2) he actually believe that Al Qaeda was no more.

The first is morally wrong and reprehensible. The second is wrong and ignorant. Neither is acceptable from the person who hold the second most powerful position in the House of Representatives.

Defending DeLay for this untruth is, in my mind, pretty much like defending someone who denies the existence of the Holocaust: you’ve got to have damn thick ideological blinders on not to see the dark, empty soul inside a person that can spew blatant untruths as hard facts. In the end, you’re defending someone who is either amoral or an idiot.

Either way, DeLay’s words are a disgrace, and a far worse offense than those that led to the downfalls of others, such as Trent Lott or Bob Livingston. DeLay ought to go. There’s other right-wing zealots who do not lie (whether about national security or any other issue) on national TV who are capable of serving in the Republican House leadership.

Addendum: Mehitabel – I was not accusing you of being a defender of DeLay. I’m just riled up. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately we all suffer from the poor choices made in his district.

Gotcha. And I’m a Dem :wink:

I think he made, at the least, a very poor choice of rhetoric, but that seems to be his style. We’ll see if this story catches fire.

Blame the residents of Sugarland, TX.

On the positive side, everyone who watched Meet the Press knows that you can’t trust a damn thing DeLay says, either because he is a complete idiot, or a lying shitbag.

Sometimes I wish that I could attach sounds to threads and not slow down the board. This thread just cries out to have that song from “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” called, I believe, “The Sidestep”, playing in the background. It’s been years since I’ve seen the movie, but the song goes something like this:

(shamelessly lifted from a law practice’s site, which should know if it’s fair use or not.)

At any rate, it seems that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

OK! <shakes fist southwestward>

And people make fun of NYers for electing Hillary!

<full disclosure: I lived in Boston in 2000 and had no part in that>

And it’s a good point that people who watch MtP are not the impressionable types to begin with and have heard plenty of overheated rhetoric from both sides. How will this affect the average voter? Who knows, he ain’t watching.

Not that I don’t think that DeLay is a lying shitbag, but do we know that this uptick in the “terror alert level” or whatever it’s actually called is on the up and up? Surely there is more than one liar in the Republican Party; plenty of lies to go around I wager!

If you had ever been in Sugarland, TX, none of this would surprise you in the least. I remain convinced that Tom DeLay is, in fact, a corpse, reanimated every morning with a massive infusion of methamphetamine and the application of cardiac paddles.

Say, did you hear that one about how he tried to set up a luxury hotel boat for Republicans at the convention? And set up a charity front (for crippled children, IIRC) so that contributors could claim a tax break for charitable purposes?

He would sell Tiny Tim’s crutch for firewood if it would advance the Tighty Righty cause by 10 cents.

Surely someone will step in and defend Tom DeLay? Are all the Usual Suspects attending the same Satanic rites?

You shouldn’t be drinking so early in the morning.